How To Choose A Mattress Size That Is Ideal For You

Choosing a mattress size is as important as choosing the brand and type of mattress. But how do you narrow down your choices among the hundreds of brands available? How do you pick a mattress that provides comfortable rejuvenating sleep but is not priced over the top? Don’t worry; we have narrowed it down for you. Read on and go mattress shopping.

Mattresses Dimensions

Let’s first look at the standard sizes that are available in the market. The primary ones are single, full, or double, Twin, King and Queen. Whatever the mattress type, latex, memory foam or spring, the sizes remain the same.

Twin Size:

  • Standard – 38” to 39” wide X 74” to 75” long
  • Twin XL – 38” to 39” wide X 80” long

Double Size:

  • Standard Double – 53” to 54” wide X 74” to 75” long
  • Double XL – 54” wide X 80” long

Queen Size:

  • Standard Queen – 60” wide X 80” long
  • California Queen – 60” wide X 84” long

King Size

  • Standard King – 76” wide X 80” long
  • California King – 72” wide X 84” long

Choosing your mattress size depending upon age and height

It has been observed that some mattresses sizes are ideal for different age groups as shown below.

  • Twin size – Children.
  • Twin XL size – Teens, Single Adults and dorms.
  • Double size – Teens and Adults with a height greater than 5’5”, Guest rooms.
  • Queen size – Most adults especially couples.
  • King size – Ideal for adults who have really tall partners.

Choosing a mattress depending on how many people will use the bed

If two people are going to use the bed regularly, then it is best to opt for a King or Queen sized bed. Go for a Queen if you have smaller space and budget.

For couples who enjoy cozying up with each other can opt for a Queen sized mattress. Most individuals feel happier snuggling to their partners. Consider the best mattress reviews, before making a choice.

On the other hand, if you prefer your personal space, you might want to try a King sized bed. If you are a light sleeper and are easily disturbed with the movement of your partner during sleep, then you can try buying two twin size beds and pushing them together. One in four couples report that they are more comfortable sleeping in separate beds.

How much space can you afford?

Whichever mattress size you choose, it should not compromise the space in your bedroom. If you hurt yourself trying to move around the room because of the mattress, then it loses its charm. Go for smaller sizes in such cases. Alternatively, you can try shifting your dressing or study table to another room so that you can make space or your mattress.


The price of the mattress often increases with the increase in size. Set your priorities right – Is the money you are willing to spend more important than the size of the bed or vice versa. Once that is established, choose the size of the mattress. Compare different brands for the same types of mattresses. Some upcoming brands offer the same quality for a lower price.

Things to remember while purchasing a mattress

  • Do not compromise on quality.
  • Choose a brand with minimum 3-4 years warranty and a retailer with money-back guarantee.
  • Replace your mattresses every six to eight years.
  • Higher prices don’t necessarily mean better quality.

With all that said, no one can beat your judgment for quality. Make a good investment of time and money, so as to sleep healthy for many years to come!