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The lawyer saved a little boy’s life

The story about the small boy, who had been secured by the lawyer, was written on his page on Facebook. He noticed that the age of a boy was three years old. The lawyer added that it was the highest point of the child abuse.

The man wrote, that he and his wife were walking along the street when they suddenly saw the little kid hawking. The boy, who was met by the lawyer, was given to the school and now he is studying at the moment. There is a bus that takes him to school every day. Moreover, this is the private educational established. So, the meal is included.

The man bought copybooks, pens, all necessary exercise books and many other things that will help him to study successfully. Baba Isa, this is the man’s name, pointed out that he was so happy when he saw the boy’s first achievements. He said that his heart was broken when he saw this nice boy on the street.

According to Tuko News, Baba Isa told that his family is not rich, but it was very important for him to help this small child. The man adds that he does not have the opportunity to help all hawking kids, but the future life of this boy will be secured.

By the way, a lot of people supported his intentions and also provided help. Some of them were against the man’s decision and it is difficult to say why it is so. Ofem Ekapong Ofem, Okoi Edison, Peter Offem Ubi sent money. Ofem Ekapong Ofem has even pledged to pay for the school terms.

Baba Isa identifies Faith Nwaozuzu as the main driver of this goal. Everyone can be sure, that the boy’s life is in the safe hands. The lawyer asks other people to change this world for better. Also, everyone who wants may send the message and tell whom they see the boy in the future.