Best Ways to Wear Convertible Dress

Convertible dresses have become the new style statement in the modern age. They are easy to make and require nothing other than some basic sewing lessons. The dresses are like custom Lego pieces. All you have to do is carry some core designs, cut your fabrics accordingly, and you can give your fashion statement a new definition. This saves a lot of space as you don’t have to carry that many dresses. Changing from one dress to another also becomes quite easy.

Convertible dresses have many other advantages, such as they are made of quality fabrics, they are fashion heavy since you can always experiment with the available pieces to come up with newer designs, eco-friendly and most of all you don’t have to deal with a lot of laundries. You can wear a convertible dress in many different ways, but before you do, you need to create the dress in such a way that it offers that flexibility. They are the dress and charm of the new age.

Naturally, there are no clear-cut rules that signify the ways you have to wear a convertible dress. Look up some designs online and pick an assortment of one’s which you like, and create your dress accordingly. While making a convertible dress you can come up with numerous designs and much more innovative ways to wear them. Below are a few pointers that will guide you to create the perfect wearable that best reflects your style:

  1. Measurements: While taking the measurements you will need to measure your height, waist, the center of your chest to each armpit and the bottom of your sternum to the top of your boobs. Since the dress is a convertible, you don’t need to take a precise measurement of every part of your body. The dress rests on these four areas. You need to your dress to be flexible and adjustable and limiting it to these four simple yet crucial parts of the body not only makes it easier to make but easy to wear as well.
  2. Fabrics: When out for fabric shopping you need to look for the clothes that are comfortable, stretchy and closely knit. You will be changing the form of the dress a lot and there will lot of stretching and pull. A stretchy fabric ensures that it lives through all these mayhem. You can select two to three colors. More and you will end up looking like a clown, but if you can make it work then go ahead and feel free to experiment. You will need to buy some waistbands and straps as well and a skirt to go along with the dress.

Cutting: When you sit down for cutting, it is better to watch some tutorials online. You can also call your friends and ask them to help you with your dress. Cutting the pieces and stitching them together requires precision and can prove to be a bit tricky. It’s a good idea to seek help the first time. If you have had no previous experience with this type of work, you may end up destroying the dress. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it on your own. The same principle goes for sewing. It’s always better to seek assistance the first time you’re trying something new.