Cheapest ways to stay in contact even when you’re overseas

Do you travel internationally often? If answered yes, you must be eager enough to keep in touch with your family members and friends at home. Actually you would love to be able to reach out to them no matter wherever you are and also allow them to reach out to you. You may even require calling time so that you can be in touch with local restaurants, hotels, airlines, theaters and such places. Two decades back, you have to pick a phone in the hotel room, enter a big number and then make the call. Connections were also pretty good then but costs were outrageous even when you had to make local calls. You could only be connected when you were inside the hotel.

Times have changed and now we have companies like NobelCom which offer NobelCom Phone card for users to talk internationally at a very cheap and reasonable charge. So, let’s check out few of the cheapest ways in which you can stay in touch internationally.

Utilize your mobile phone

Perhaps the easiest option is to use your mobile phone. If your mobile phone utilizes the GSM, Global System for Mobile Communications and T-Mobile phones, it will definitely work overseas. There are some other Verizon phones which even use GSM and you have to check with your wireless provider in case you don’t know about whether or not it works. With your normal mobile phone, you can stay connected everywhere and with the fact that there are wireless networks, you won’t be restricted only inside your hotel.

Get an app installed on your phone

If you own a tablet or a smartphone, you can easily make calls at a very low cost by downloading a VOIP app. Most of such apps can make calls through the internet as long as there is a Wi-Fi hotspot and when you’re not in the hotspot area, they get back to the GSM 3G networks. Whether or not the calls that you make through Wi-Fi are free will depend on the app which you’re using and on a whole lot of other factors. Make sure you are not made to pay outrageous charges for making calls.

Get a temporary wireless connection

The other option that you can take into account is to rent a wireless phone for the number of days of your trip or purchase a throw-away phone which works only in those places where you’re going to travel. You can get such phones at less than $50. There are many phone dealers who can offer you one and even your regular carrier can also provide you with overseas rentals.

Hence, if you’re someone who travels a lot and is in need of an international phone calling card, you can definitely look for your options. NobelCom is definitely a good service offered by the company and you can even take resort to the above mentioned options if you want to explore the different opportunities.