Benefits of Online Learning Courses to Change Your Career

Are you considering a career change?

You want to gain new skills but you simply don’t have enough time around your current work/ home commitments to take time off to study.

You feel like you’re stuck in a rut with no option but to continue on the path you are on – you can’t leave your current job and you don’t have the time to gain new skills and retrain.

But what if you could keep your current job and complete your own time without the need to take time off work or reassess your priorities regarding your commitments?

You Can!

Online Training Courses could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What are The Benefits of Online Learning Courses?

Online learning / e-learning / distance learning are all one in the same. Comprising of electronic learning via a multitude of devices which have internet capabilities.

E-learning is perfect for those who lead hectic lives, who work and would rather not take time off to train. This is because the very nature of online courses lends allows them to be flexible, accessible and user-friendly.

There are arguably five main benefits of online courses, these are:

  • Flexibility
  • Due to being purely based-online, e-learning courses make it easy to fit studying around other commitments. Access to online platforms 24/7 make it easy to study anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection – no matter what life throws at you, access for up to 12 months (on average, some courses provide longer access periods) means that you can study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you need to!
  • Access to state-of-the-art platforms
  • Since online learning launched it has come a long way. Now, platforms have developed with the user in mind making them easy to use and inclusive of materials which will help with your studies such as webinars, presentations and online ‘textbooks’. Rest assured that with second-to-none training and systems you will be top of the class in no time.
  • Convenience
  • No one wants to spend hour travelling to and from the classroom, sat in traffic and wasting precious hours. Learning online negates the need for travel, allowing you to study in the comfort of your own home (or elsewhere if you like), at a time which suits you!
  • Direct contact with a specialist, online tutor
  • You need not worry about receiving anything other than top quality support and training. Online learning courses afford you with the same motivation, support and guidance as more traditional, classroom based courses by providing you with direct contact with a specialist online tutor in your subject area.
  • Discreet learning environment
  • Large group, classroom based learning isn’t for everyone. With online learning, individuals aren’t under pressure to keep up with the rest of the class, feel stressed by deadlines or rush anything. Everything is at your own pace, in your own comfort zone – this in turn allows you to develop in depth, comprehensive understanding of your studies.

Online Training Courses in a Variety of Sectors from The Training Room

The Training Room offer a varied selection of online courses.

Since 2006, The Training Room has helped over 10,000 students into new careers with our excellent training model. As the online market has grown, The Training Room has turned its outstanding training model to the online sphere and is please to offer the following courses:

For more information about online courses and how they work at The Training Room, click here.

With all of The Training Room’s courses you will also receive up to 3 years of career support. This support aims to give you a helping hand in finding your career – whether that be your first job, returning to work after a break or just a change of scenery.

In addition, if available on your chosen course, you will be guaranteed an interview with one of our corporate partners.

Furthermore, if you need any help funding your course, The Training Room offers funding options to help you with the cost of your training.

More information about The Training Room Loan can be found here.

Are You Ready To Take The First Step Towards Online Training and Your New Career?

If you are ready to find out more about how online training courses could help you to change careers then you can contact The Training Room, or if you’d prefer us to call you, fill out an enquiry form on the website – it’s never been easier to take your career in a new direction, online!