How to Turn Employees into Social Media Ambassadors

Social media is becoming an integral part of our lives these days. We turn to social media for virtually everything, from the latest updates and breaking news to ways to vent off when we run into problems in life. It is also not a secret that businesses – including some of the largest corporations in the world – are adding social media as a key factor when hiring new employees.

In fact, a lot of businesses are already taking the concept of social media to the next level. While monitoring social media activities of employees can be counterproductive, guiding employees to be better at using their social media pages is actually very effective. Here are some tips to help you turn employees into social media ambassadors.

Make Some Internal Adjustments

Are you aware of the most effective way of preventing employees from posting bad things about the company? The most effective way of preventing negative posts – especially those about the company itself – is by providing employees with the tools and resources to deal with their problems internally. Some changes and adjustments are needed to create a conducive environment for them to release tension.

You can start by setting up a way for employees to talk about their problems in private. More startups now have on-site therapists and psychologists to help employees deal with problems, both work-related and problems outside of the office.

Changing the working conditions and creating an environment where employees can really strive are also very effective in preventing bad social media posts. These changes may seem basic, but the right implementation of these minor adjustments can cut down the number of negative posts from employees substantially. The happier they are with their job and working environment, the better.

Provide Guidance

The next step is to provide employees with help on how to use social media effectively. 2 out of 3 hiring managers now turn to social media platforms to learn more about potential candidates. Those who are used to lashing out on Facebook or Twitter may not be able to get the dream job they are after. This may seem like a very subjective approach, but it is an approach that’s being adopted by the market nonetheless.

The same hiring managers, however, will be more than happy to hire those whose social media posts are more balanced, particularly those who also share their expertise and knowledge in a particular field. This is an opportunity for employees to really shine.

Companies are helping employees show their best work and share knowledge on social media more and more these days. It may not be about the company directly, but having skilled people sharing their knowledge is a great way to boost confidence and productivity. There are even businesses that turn social sharing into a rewarding experience through activities such as group sharing sessions at the office.

Encourage Collaboration

Social media platforms have their own strengths. According to Tai Lopez, a well-known social media expert, the best way to succeed is by taking advantage of the platform’s strengths. Of course, more things can be achieved when employees work together to improve their social media content.

YouTube is a great platform to get started. It allows employees to set up small projects, producing high quality videos (i.e. tutorials, vlogs, etc.) as a collective effort. They can even start working on appearing in each other’s channels to expand their reach.

Collaborations are great in other platforms too. Since the company is allowing employees to have these collaborative projects – and take active steps to facilitate them – employees will be more than happy to also post great things about their work environment. It is an effective way of indirectly sharing the company’s values through employees. After all, they are the best brand ambassadors you can have on social media.