7 Golden Tips for Getting Your Newsletter Read

One of the most powerful marketing strategies any brand or company can have in its arsenal is an email newsletter. Unfortunately, it is very easy for these newsletters to forever go unread or even just straight up sent to the junk folder. However, it is very easy to go from having a newsletter (or not having one) to having an effective newsletter.

Hook Them with the Headline

The actual content is definitely the bread and butter of your newsletter, but what good is your content if it never gets opened? Many people will ignore email newsletters with too long subject or headlines and especially if there is too much specific jargon. Keep it short and sweet


I know it can be very tempting to want to go in and write a bunch of words in all capitals, throw around those exclamation points, and use symbols, but please try to refrain from this. Sometimes an overuse of some of these techniques can violate certain anti-spam laws, resulting in your hard work getting filtered out straight into your intended recipients’ junk folders. .

Keep Mobile Users in Mind

More and more people are using their smartphones to check their email. In fact, a recent study shows that about 66 percent of emails today are opened and read on mobile devices. Is your email newsletter mobile friendly? ActiveTrail’s newsletter platform can help with this if you are not confident in your newsletter’s readability on mobile devices and smartphones as well as computer screens.


Another sure fire way to keep the readers’ interest is to include eye-catching images. You may have a lot of good quality information typed out, but it can look like too much of a hassle to read. Counter this with some popping images. Relevant pictures keep people engaged and on top of that add depth to the email.

Timing is Key

Having the perfect newsletter is a good start. Don’t just send it out whenever you feel like it though. Keep in mind where most of your demographic resides. A good tip to keep in mind is that people don’t enjoy opening their emails on the weeks. Mondays are not so great either as they can be hectic in many peoples’ lives. Studies show that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are your best bet for choosing a day to send those emails out.

Quality over Quantity

If you hooked your audience with a good, catchy headline then you want to make sure you keep them interested. Fresh, interesting content will almost always keep your readers reading your newsletters. Don’t overdo it with the promotional fluff. That can very easily make reading your newsletter too much of a chore.

Be Human

Nobody wants to read an email that looks like it has been written by a program. Include personalized vocabulary like “you” and “I.” Write your newsletter out as though you were talking to one person specifically, rather than your entire subscriber base. Say something personal about yourself (i.e. a hobby or an experience).