5 Most Popular Third Party App Stores for Android

The official Google Play Store hosts a large and impressive collection of apps and you will find almost all the apps you are looking for but it has some drawbacks such as not every app is available on this platform that is available for android devices and some of the paid apps in the play store are highly overpriced. You need an alternative and that is why we have compiled the list of 5 Most Popular Third Party App Stores for Android so you can have a choice when you are unable to find the app you are looking for in the Google play store.


Aptoide is a third party app store where you can get apps for your android device. If you want a cheaper alternative to the Google play store where you can get all the apps for cheap then download and explore Aptoide app store. Aptoide also hosts one of the largest collections of hacked apps and games, modified apps which make ordinary apps a lot more fun to use. You can also download the previous versions of all the popular apps and install it if you do not like the updated user interface.


Getjar is one of the oldest third party app stores which have been providing apps for all smart phones even before they were smart. It has been around the longest and for a reason; you can get apps for almost all the smart phones out there. You can get direct apk downloads of all the popular apps and the best part is it is absolutely free and you do not need to sign in or sign up to download the apps. Getjar has one greater feature that sets it apart from other similar third party app stores, Getjar lets you download the older versions of any app you want. If you do not like the new updates interface of certain apps and wish you could go back, just download and install the apps from Getjar.


Tutuapp is another great third party app store which works well with all operating systems, especially android. Tutuapp has a huge library of all the popular apps you might want to download. The new update has now brought option of setting the English language as the preferred language so you no more have to use the translator while using this third party app store. It is a free platform where you can download free apps for your android smartphone. All the popular and otherwise paid apps are available for free on this app store. You also do not need a rooted android device to run it, it works great with any android phone.

Amazon App Store

If you download lots of apps and want to save a little money on every app, Amazon App Store is the way to go. Amazon App Store is a third party app store which provides apps, games, eBooks, movies and much more. If you look out for sale, Amazon App Store can hook you up with good deals on apps and other media content as well. Some of the paid apps are even available for free on this app store. Amazon App Store has all the popular apps in its collection and you will keep getting offers on this app store from time to time.


Appvn is like a social network for app stores. If you are an app developer and need to showcase your apps on a platform then look no further, Appvn will give you your separate app store where you can show your app and share it with the world. All the users can have their own app stores on Appvn. You can also keep your app store private, nobody will be able to see or access the apps on your app store. Appvn makes it very easy for us to share our apps with other users of this amazing app store and save money and time in the process.

Thank you for reading our list of 5 Most Popular Third Party App Stores for Android where you will find the app you have been looking for. Do let us know through comments if you need help with anything we will be always happy to help.