6 Tips To Help Promote Your Company to a Potential New Hire During a Job Interview

While most people associate a job interview with candidates proving themselves to a company, in many cases, it’s on the hiring manager to show why the company is a great place to work. If you are a top level person in human resources or a business owner, you are familiar with the struggle in recruiting the best people for your company’s needs. Here are six tips designed to help your company promote itself as a great place to work during a final job interview.

1. Be Positive and Upbeat

The most important thing to realize during a job interview is that you represent the company during the time you’re with a potential new hire. Your attitude and demeanor can either help or hinder the hiring process. It’s vital to convey a positive and upbeat attitude throughout the interview. This can show the potential employee that your company is a friendly and welcoming workplace. Help the candidate understand why your workplace is the best.

2. Focus on Your Brand Identity

Another important tip during an interview is to focus on your brand’s identity. Some job seekers may not have a clear understanding of your entire business model, so you may need to describe it to candidates. Remember, this is an opportunity to sell your company as a great workplace and a spot for innovation. Talk up your company’s biggest selling points and explain what makes your business unique.

3. Describe Company Benefits

Another way to sell your company to a potential new hire is to provide information about company benefits. In the job description, it’s usually not feasible to give a comprehensive list of everything your business does for its employees. Be sure to take some time during the interview to give an overview of company-sponsored benefits, such as health insurance and retirement funding.

4. Offer a Site Tour

Job interviews don’t have to be static office setups with one person asking questions. Instead, take your interview mobile by giving the candidate a chance to see your business in action. Conduct a site tour of your facilities and be sure to introduce top candidates to other key employees. This can help make the job seeker feel included in the company culture from the beginning

5. Give the Candidate a Chance To Ask Questions

Just because you’re conducting the interview doesn’t mean all of the questions should come from you. Give job seekers a chance to ask their own questions about the position and the company to unlock the key to understanding the mind of a job seeker: why candidates accept or reject an offer.

6. Stay in Touch

After the interview ends, don’t cease your contact just yet. Keep up the line of communication throughout the decision process. Job candidates will appreciate companies that are forthright and honest in the weeks following the interview. Even if the candidate doesn’t get an offer, it’s best to share that information yourself rather than leave them hanging.

Recruitment can be improved if you focus on a great interview process. Try these suggestions to get better results when making an offer to a candidate after a solid interview.