Find the Best Bitcoin Brokers – Comparison Site: Review

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has been growing and now serves hundreds or even thousands of currencies using the blockchain technology.

Like any other booming industry, service portals and trading platforms are popping up all over the place and it is not easy to distinguish the good ones from the black sheep. That’s where comparison sites come in handy.

The cryptocurrency market is relatively young, expanding and developing at a fast rate that is hard to keep up with. Despite the numerous “coins” surfacing, and disappearing, bitcoin is literally the mother of all coins.It has the highest price and market capitalisation compared to other altcoins. The price, along with other currencies, is quite volatile making it interesting for investors, traders and speculators.

I took a look at one of the more popular comparison sites,, to see if they can help navigate through the crypto jungle.

“Our mission is to help users navigate the crypto space by writing guides and reviews of all popular services and innovative products in the Bitcoin community.”

First Impression

If you are planning to invest in bitcoin then you have to buy it, keep it, and maybe, trade it somewhere. CryptoRunner covers all three cases, plus casinos.

The website has a clean, appealing design. The navigation is easy and straightforward, you can practically reach any part of the site within three clicks.

A plus point are the comprehensive guides and explanations in each section. The platform helps bitcoin veterans and beginners alike to get the information they need.

What they offer

Detailed comparison pages – has a platform that is easy to surf. You can easily browse through the services and check for comparisons with detailed information. The basic information you need to know is easy to see, with clickable options to read a detailed review or directly visit the mentioned service.

In-depth company reviews –

The website offers some impressively detailed reviews. There is hardly anything you could need more to know about a product. Their editorial team ensures that the information provided about a service, or broker, are up-to-date and not misleading.

Complete beginner guides –

There are a number of guides, covering diverse subjects, that help beginners to quickly and easily start their journey in the Bitcoin world. With interesting topics and easy to follow guides, beginners have the help that they need to explore and navigate the crypto world.


There is definitely a need for comparison sites for crypto services and products and CryptoRunner has done a good job so far.

Using the services on is absolutely free. There are no hidden fees and the site owners transparently state that they earn from affiliate links or commission, which is completely legit.

The lists and reviews they have on the site are detailed and thorough. A small point of criticism is the limited number of companies with their own review page, but I think they are new and it is a lot of work putting such detailed pages together. If they keep up the good work and expand their database at a reasonable pace then I am sure they can establish themselves in the crypto community.