5 Must Have Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is blogger’s paradise.The WordPress Development Company in general, it is a tool used for creating websites. If a person intends to open up their own blogs or create a website in general, all they have to do pay asubscription and they can create the website of their dreams on WordPress. In terms of creativity and usability, there are many plugins available that can transform the boring and drab website and an eye-candy. Let’s take a look at the top 5 plugins that has the capability to renovate your website and give it a look that no one would be able to resist.

1. WPForms: Being a contact plugin, this particular one is ideal for beginners. The tool is used to create order forms. Contact forms, payments forms, and email subscription forms. These are the few common ones. It can be used to create many other types online forms. There are a lite version and a full version available for this plugin. It is advised that if you’re just starting out, it’s better to use the lite version. In future, if you need to manage a larger number of contacts, then you can switch up to the full version.

2. Addsanity: It may be considered as a Facebook for ads. This particular plugin is used for posting ads in one particular place, for an easy access. It comes equipped with a widget the helps you manage the list of your ads. The plugin displays the ad name, along with its dimension, how many clicks and visits it has received and the date from which the ad was put on display. You can also make your ads times based or make them run for an unlimited amount of time i.e., they won’t be removed unless you remove them. The ease of the widget lies in its ability to give access to all of the user’s ads.

3. Envira Gallery: This particular plugin is created for those who run a photography website. Envira Gallery helps the user to arrange the pictures on their website. It provides the added benefit of creating a responsive design and easy navigation that is fun to interact with. This plugin also has a lite version and users first try it out and see whether the styles and templates suit their requirements.

4. Login Lockdown: This particular plugin is very useful for the security for the individual users. Generally, the login attempt to the WordPressaccount has no limits, an exploit which the hackers manipulate to hack into the adminaccount. This plugin simply puts a limit on the number attempts that can be made after which the account will be locked forsometime.

5. WPtouch: The WPtouch plugin is used to create a mobile version of a particular webpage. It sports a huge variety of themes that are simply unparalleled in design and usability. Mobile advertising, eCommerce, custom content, you name it, the plugin has it.