Optimize Your Operations with HP LoadRunner Integration & Training

The world is full of appreneurs and IT entrepreneurs. What do you need the most to succeed in this world of cut-throat competition? The answer to that question would be – a high performing IT solution that optimizes your business operations. If you nod in agreement, now is the time to integrate HP LoadRunner into your business.

What is HP LoadRunner?

You guessed it right, it is a performance and load testing tool by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. This automated load testing tool is created to analyze and optimize the performances of enterprise applications. The tool can take the burden of ensuring the performance of an application away from developers, quality analysts, architects and performance testing team. Being a smart and efficient automated test solution, the LoadRunner improves the mean-time-to resolutions. It is developed to support several protocols such as web HTTP/S, Oracle, web services, and remote terminal emulator.

What can you expect when HP LoadRunner tests your product?

Before you take an IT product or application out to the market it is imperative to ensure that it performs optimally. And performance testing plays a vital role in making sure that your product fulfills its purpose and will perform the way expected of it. What better solution than the HP LoadRunner to help you analyze and optimize your product? When you use the LoadRunner to test your application the focus is primarily on:

Speed: Before taking a product to the users, you need to ensure that it responds to user commands at a faster rate.

Scalability: Any application should be scalable so that it can handle increased load in the future while delivering optimal performance.

Stability: LoadRunner tests the capability of your products to perform even when it handles unexpected user traffic or load. Only a stable application can deliver that.

This innovative performance testing solution from HP can handle both testing and optimization of a system. It also offers insights into the capabilities and weaknesses of your product or application. In short, the LoadRunner helps business analysts and engineers to understand the product from a futuristic point of view and take corrective actions in the present.

HP LoadRunner Training and Integration

You have invested in a smart and automated performance testing tool and it is only wise to invest in HP LoadRunner Training & Integration Services. There are many training packages your QA and performance engineers can choose from. Pick a package based on your budget and get intensive HP LoadRunner integration and training for all your employees. The training will help your team to understand the value of load testing, the importance of planning, and the significance of defining load test goals well in advance. Well, there is a lot that your company can gain from a training and integration session. Remember, investing a bit on training now will help you save huge bucks in the future. You have got a smart performance testing tool. Now, make a wise move and get your employees trained to use it effectively.