Why do we need videoconferencing?

Video conferencing in modern conditions is not just a video phone connecting several sites, as some might think. Everything is more difficult. It is a whole computer technology that allows people to hear and see each other, exchange information online, and process the information received.

Videoconferencing systems have made this possible. To conduct a video conference, you need to have the right equipment and the ability to connect through various communication channels with your interlocutor (including satellite), which would meet the necessary requirements.

Today, many programs offer video communication between people, which allows you to quickly resolve issues. Among such applications, the iMind platform can be distinguished, which provides a wide range of services for its users.

Can you do without video?

Why do we need video conferencing at all, while there is telephone conferencing? According to research, about 80% of information a person perceives through the eyes. Therefore, video conferencing is a very useful thing and the scope is quite wide.

Video conferencing is essential for conducting various selectors among managers. Doctors can hold an urgent consultation, which will involve specialists from all over the world. Video conferencing can be used to:

  • training seminars;
  • trainings;
  • master classes.

Also, videoconferencing can be useful in security systems and in a number of other industries.

Video conferencing is a common thing for most people. A few years ago, videoconferencing was a hard-to-reach technology: in order to use it, you had to buy an expensive camera, conduct high-quality Internet, which was available to very few. Now a lot has changed – and the Internet has become faster and the webcam has become cheaper, and almost every laptop and smartphone has a built-in front camera. In general, videoconferencing is now available to everyone, and it significantly expands the horizons of human capabilities.

At first glance, this technology does not look shocking – there is a camera that can show in real-time, and you can chat. But if you think about it? Humans have essentially eliminated distance as a factor that divides society into small groups. Today, video conferencing erases all facets of problems, sharing knowledge, building a business, communication is easier than ever. Moreover, the quality of video communication is increasing every year and  the effect of the presence of interlocutors located far from each other is already felt.

Videoconferencing brings many benefits to society. First, physical boundaries lose weight. You can communicate with representatives of other countries absolutely freely, regardless of kilometers and customs checkpoints. It, in turn, makes the whole world more united, closer, and the development of technology leads to an increase in mutual understanding among people.

Secondly, videoconferencing opens up new business opportunities. All business, regardless of industry and scale, is built primarily on communication between people. It is the basis, the foundation on which all industries are built. And today, this foundation has become much easier to build.

Videoconference made it possible for businessmen to communicate easier and cheaper, to avoid exhausting and costly business trips. Today it is enough for a businessman to make a video call, and he is already in touch with his partners, colleagues, regardless of the distance. Videoconferencing has already become an essential tool for businesses around the world.

What are the disadvantages?

The disadvantages of video conferencing are not obvious. It is quite possible that the spread of new forms of communication will lead to changes in society. Videoconferencing can be a driver of change. Is it good or bad? Let each answer this question independently.