What are the basic features of web hosting plan?

Every business entity offering products and services through its website must select a hosting plan that will meet the company’s requirement not just in terms of the basic necessities like disc space, storage capacity, bandwidth, uptime, cost, root access, to name just a few, but it should also be able to upgrade to a higher hosting plan if required in the long run.

Generally speaking, the following points have to be taken into account when you are selecting a web hosting plan. Discussed here are the basic features. Aside from the points that will be highlighted in the paragraphs that follow, you can also zero-in on the right web host by going through online reviews and feedback from users that have already availed the services of the web hosting companies.

However, just remember that not all reviews are authentic and there are many fake ones doing their rounds on the web. So, watch out for such reviews.

To avoid falling into the trap, make sure you visit a website that will give you true information on web hosting plans.

Some of the reliable web hosts that you can bank upon include SiteGround, BlueHost, OVH, GoDaddy, and so on that have established themselves as a reliable brand.

How should good web hosting plans be?

You are required to take into account the following points as-

Storage space

Every web host will offer specific disc space to its clients. But remember, you must go through the terms and conditions to know what exactly will be counted as disc space and how many files you can store.


The amount of data that you can upload and download is usually referred to as amount of bandwidth. It also determines the amount of web traffic that your website can handle at any given point of time. Make sure you have adequate bandwidth assigned to your website so that you don’t face downtime too frequently.

Email Accounts

You will come across many such web hosts that will offer email accounts. But you have to find out the number of email accounts you will be given or you can set up. Also, find out how many will have Gmail interface.

Installation and Framework

Find out how easy it is to install the framework. Most of the clients or website owners prefer the so called ‘one-click’ method that allows them to set up WordPress easily or for that matter any other Content Management System.

Mobile or Website App

Will you be able to access your website administration by means of an app? Not all web hosting companies will offer this privilege but there are handful that offer this incentive.

Technical support

This is perhaps one of the better points that you ought to take into account. Allowing great storage space and allowing root access is not just enough, find out how well the web hosting firm offers technical support to clients.

Root access

Although, you may not require root access presently, but you should keep your options open should you require it in future? So, talk to your web hosting service provider before you settle for any plan.

Language support

Find out the number of languages your server will support in the event you want to use any other language for your framework.

Site Backup

Just as the website owners that have hosted their websites on the servers are vulnerable to attack and malware, so can the servers face the problem too. This can be quite frustrating and damaging because it means bulk data will be lost or corrupted not just those belonging to your website but also that of others. Find out what measures your web hosting company has decided upon in the event of an emergency.

The ones that have been mentioned above are just few of them, there are several other parameters that will help you to decide about the right web hosting plans and also the right web hosting service provider.