How Your Business Can Benefit from Customer Journey Analytics

Today, businesses are focusing on creating personalized experiences for their customers. As a result, most business owners are serious about data collection in an attempt to design better user experiences.

Basically, this is referred to as customer journey analytics and the core objective is to closely examine how different customers are interacting with your products and services. However, the level of connectivity today can make the process difficult.

Customers are highly connected and are using multiple devices

A recent study has indicated that about 31% of all online transactions in the US are happening on multiple devices. For instance, a customer can browse for a shirt on their phone but won’t buy until he gets home and uses the tablet. At the same time, someone will use a work computer to find the trending shoes but use the phone to make the payments.

To make the matters worse, it’s quite difficult to connect the dots about the activities taking place in the stores and what’s going on in online platforms. You must know if a shopper needs to walk into the store to try the item before making an online purchase.

If you are going to succeed in giving your customers a personalized experience, it’s imperative that you track their activity across the various devices used.

Most potent channels for customer journey analytics

Connectivity has led to the use of more than one devices and channels for the same transaction. Here are some of the channels that can give insight into the customer journey.

· Fully automated channels like websites

· Channels that involve live human interaction like call centers

· Channels like live chatting aimed at providing customer assistance

· Display adverts and other channels with limited two-way interaction

Most business owners understand the tremendous benefits of being aware of the customer journey. With a good customer journey analytics, the irritating customer pain points can be eliminated. As a result, you get better conversions and the revenues also get a boost.

How do you implement this in your business?

To start with, try and connect data gathered from at least two sources and find someone who will be in charge and responsible for the teams involved. It’s important that the project leader has some experience with the channels involved as well as strong visibility and support from the team members.

Besides constant collection and analysis of data, you should look for a cross-device solution. This will help you in creating a well-rounded picture of the overall behavior of your clients. After you’ve successfully worked with the two channels, you can expand the project and use additional channels for better results.

As far as the current trends are concerned, the customers’ appetite for a highly personalized experience will continue to grow. Therefore, companies need to have a clear end-to-end view of the customer journey and use analytics to make better decisions.

Final words

As most companies become more aggressive with marketing campaigns that are informed by customer journeys, there is more data being collected and analyzed regularly. With tangible benefits being realized, customer journey analytics are being used to predict customer behavior.