Wellness App Tide Offers Free Support to All Covid-19 Helpers

In the face of the Covid-19 threat, today, Tide, a dark horse app in health and well-being, is offering its premium service free for any healthcare provider as a tribute for their efforts in fighting the virus. The premium service includes exquisite soundscapes, meditations, and sleep exercises.

“Even if the healthcare providers are too occupied in the hospital to practicing meditation, they can remain calm with soundscapes,” said Qixu Lang, the founder of Tide, “just a single tap on the app, the soothing soundscapes with scenario-based mindful practices will bring the users to another time and space where they can be peaceful and relaxed.”

Beginning today, if you are a healthcare professional, you can visit Tide for Covid-19 and enroll using your qualified certificate and email address. All subscribers will get free access to hundreds of scenario-based meditation, soundscapes, and melodies through December 31, 2020. Besides the free premium service for the healthcare professionals, Tide is also sharing a free special series Peace in Crisis for all people who are in quarantine with stress and anxiety under Coronavirus. It includes meditations to help you become more peaceful, and have a better sleep. No matter what you are going through right now, ease your mind, and create some space for you with meditations.

Since February, Tide has been working on providing peaceful content free for those people in Covid-19 quarantine. The Peace in Crisis series is only part of the efforts they made. Considering most people are in remote work right now, Tide App is also offering Pomodoro solutions with soundscapes composed for staying focused. Now Tide is exploring more possibilities of improving wellness in daily life.

Tide aims at physical and mental care through integrating sleep, meditation, relaxation, and focus into an app. Reaching more than 10 million users in Asia and Europe, Tide is one of the first wellness apps in Asia and determined to be a leader in the well-being field all over the world. 

Considering the pandemic right now, Tide is in pursuit of cooperation with more NGOs and institutions to create much better healthcare service for people all over the world. If you are interested, contact Tide directly through their website.