Next Vacation On Halong Bay Cruises

Are you on the lookout for the best Halong Bay cruises for your next vacation in Vietnam? With such a wide variety of Halong Bay cruises, choosing the best one can be quite intimidating. Fear not, we are here for you. This article goes in-depth about the Halong Bay cruises and includes some of the best ones. These will be a perfect fit for you and will leave you with lots of good memories. 

Halong Bay is situated in the Gulf of Tonkin, about 144km east of Hanoi, Vietnam. Housing more than 1600 islands, the Halong Bay is a popular tourist destination. The word Halong Bay comes from the ancient Vietnamese, meaning ” descending dragon”. According to ancient legend, the Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her children to save Vietnam from Northern invaders. The name ”Halong” was given to the place where the dragon first made an appearance, as a token of gratitude.

Currently, Halong Bay is a famous vacation getaway, with more than 6 million tourists visiting annually to enjoy the cruise boats.

Best Cruises on the Halong Bay

Mon Cheri Cruise: One of our best-reviewed cruises, the Mon Cheri cruise will be perfect for you if you prefer the finer things in life. You will board the stunning 5-star Mon Cheri cruise that is the perfect blend of the modern European style with a touch of the rustic Vietnamese. Every single detail on this cruise, from the wonderful activities to healthy food will ensure you have the best cruise experience. Furthermore, the Mon Cheri cruise is one of the first cruises that serve Halal food and is backed by a Halal certificate from the Halal Vietnam Association.

Duration: 2 days-1 night or 3 days-2 nights
Activities included: Cooking classes, Kayaking, Fishing, Movie nights, Sap & massage Swimming Wedding Ceremonies Parties
Rooms Available: They have suites with balconies, terraces, suites with triple beds and also with connecting doors.
Star Rating: 4.9-star rating

Peony Cruise: The 4-star Peony cruise will ensure that you have a royal experience aboard this cruise. From its stunning reception areas, spacious private balcony cabins with bathtubs to the wonderful restaurants and bars, you will feel like a king or a queen. Available at very affordable prices, the Peony cruises will ensure you have an unforgettable time aboard

Duration: 2 days-1 night or 3 days-2 nights
Activities included: Cooking classes, Kayaking, Tai chi exercise, Movie, Tea ceremony, Music entertainment, Bamboo boat & Local wine experience
Rooms Available: They have deluxe suites with balconies, both exclusive and family
Star Rating: 4.8-star rating

Paloma Cruise: Housing 18 luxury cabins that are equipped with the latest amenities and large windows, Paloma cruise will let you enjoy the breathtaking view from your cabins. The Paloma cruise focuses on a unique cruising route and will let you explore the best places on its way.

Duration: 2 days/1 night or 3 days/2 nights
Activities included: Cooking classes, Sunset party, Movie , Bamboo boat & Massage services
Rooms Available: They have deluxe and premium suites with ocean views both exclusive and family
Star Rating: 4.6-star rating

Era Cruise: Designed with the largest safety measures, the Era cruise is spacious and luxurious. The ship is decorated stunningly and provides the best dining experience that will allow the passengers to enjoy the authentic Vietnamese style.

Duration: 2 days-1 night or 3 days-2 nights
Activities included: Sightseeing, Rowing boat, Spa & massage services & Beauty services
Rooms Available: They have suites with terrace, with both king and family suites
Star Rating: 4.8-star rating

President Cruise: With a 5-star rating on the TripAdvisor, the President cruise will provide the most luxurious cruising experience in Halong Bay. Housing 46 luxurious cabins that are equipped with the latest equipment, President cruises offer a variety of onboard activities such as dry sauna, Jacuzzi, massages and beauty treatments. Along with the cruises, you will get to explore the breathtaking cruises, golden beaches and learn about the different cultures of the nearby villages.

Duration: 2 days-1 night or 3 days-2 nights
Activities included: Kayaking, Spa & Massage services, Sightseeing, Beauty treatments, Jacuzzi & dry sauna

Halong Bay cruises will provide one of a kind cruising experience of a lifetime. Go through the above mentioned wonderful Halong bay cruises and choose the one which will best cater to all your requirements and needs.