The Best Tech for Senior Citizens

Technology has advanced more rapidly in the last two decades than the previous two hundred. This has left many feeling as though it is too complicated or something that they won’t be able to use adequately. However, there are many forms of technology that are not only beneficial for senior citizens but also created specifically for them.

Phone Technology

Smartphones have revolutionized the way people communicate. It is possible to connect with loved ones who are across the country or on the other side of the world via text, voice, or video. This is a fantastic way to create a closer bond with children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren for those who are comfortable with using a smartphone.

Apps for smartphones can help manage health issues, act as a calendar to keep track of important appointments and birthdays, and function as a personal banking or shopping assistant. The utilitarian functions available from any contemporary smartphone are astonishing but sometimes they can also be overwhelming.

Sometimes all you want is a phone that can travel with you and not a personal computer disguised as a phone. Jitterbug recognized the problem and designed a cell phone that works easily as a phone without confusing options.

Wearable Technology

Seniors who do choose to use a smartphone may also want to incorporate a smartwatch into their daily life. These are phenomenal tools to manage health issues and can encourage wearers to increase their daily activity or monitor other health conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes. The number of health apps which are being released increases daily as programmers and health providers work collaboratively to create products to improve the health and daily life of patients of all ages.

Those who do not want to use a smartphone still have numerous options for wearable technology. Step counters are ideal for those who have issues getting enough physical activity each day. They function in much the same way as pedometers but offer a greater range of information. Some can also track sleep quality, calories burned, and heart rate.

One of the most valuable categories of wearable technology for senior citizens is medical alert devices. Previously, these types of devices were only useful within the home as they were wirelessly tied to a control hub that was connected via phone or internet connection to a monitoring agency. The latest models use a different type of technology to allow those wearing them to travel and maintain a connection that will send help if they should have a medical emergency. Some of the devices are even able to detect falls and request assistance independently.

Smart Home Technology

One of the latest trends in the field of technology is the creation of smart devices for the home. Many of these devices allow the home owner to control a wide variety of tasks from their smartphone or voice activated control hubs such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa.

Eventually, it is possible one’s entire home can be automated to make aging in place easier than ever before. Currently, smart thermometers can be installed which will learn the behavior patterns of the residents and automatically adjust the temperature controls to maximize energy savings and the comfort of those within the home. Smart light bulbs can be programmed to come on and turn off at certain times or can be linked via a wireless network to be controlled with an app on a smartphone.

Security is far easier with smart home technology too. Wireless security monitoring systems and video doorbells allow homeowners to view who is at the door or in the home simply by viewing the video information on their computer or smartphone.

Finally, services such as Amazon have made shopping from home as easy as pushing a button. Many household items can be ordered as soon as you realize you are running out. By putting the buttons where the items themselves are accessed you never need to worry about running out of essentials again or even driving to the store. Push a button and, in two days, it’s delivered. This may be the future of all shopping.

Learning about new technology can be intimidating and frustrating. However, with the rapid increase in functionality the benefits of implementing new technology throughout your home and life ensures a higher quality of life and greater levels of independence as you age.