Revitalize Your Intranet for Higher Employee Engagement

Employee engagement should be one of your top priorities. According to a study from Harvard business Review, nearly three-quarters of top executives cite employee engagement as a critical concern. Boosting employee engagement leads to higher productive, lower turnover, greater loyalty and improved morale. However, polls from Gallup show most companies are struggling to maintain engagement.

Fortunately, there are some ways that this can be addressed. One of the simplest changes you can make is fixing issues with your intranet.

Here are a few things you should consider trying.

Provide a Clear Set of Goals for Your Company Intranet

Some aspects of your company culture form on their own. However, they usually require some input from organizational leadership.

Your intranet isn’t any different. You need to establish clear goals for your intranet. Let employees know what is expected of them. Is the purpose of the intranet to solve problems? Are you trying to build cohesiveness?

Let your employees know what you expect, but still give them the autonomy to make sure it evolves on its own.

Use Your Intranet to Send Out Employee Engagement Surveys

Most brands use surveys to get measure customer satisfaction. However, few people consider using them to measure employee engagement.

Try sending out an employee engagement survey over your corporate intranet at least once every other month. You want to identify lingering problems that need to be addressed. It is a good idea to make sure feedback is anonymous.

Evaluate Intranet Engagement Metrics

It is important to find out if employees are using your intranet on a regular basis. You need to pay close attention to the following metrics:

  • Total visits every week
  • Percentage of employees using the intranet
  • Time spent on the intranet
  • Devices employees are using to connect to the intranet

These metrics will help you determine how much your employees like to use it. If the engagement score is low, you may need to improve the infrastructure (You can visit this link in this regard). The problem could be that the connection is too low or isn’t very user-friendly.

Improve Organization

Your intranet needs to be well organized if you want people to use it regularly. Here are some changes that you may need to make:

  • Publish company news around the same time every month. Employees will be more likely to log into the intranet if they know when new updates will be made.
  • Provide several main discussion forums. Each forum should center around a specific focus that is important to everyone in the organization.
  • Setup an event calendar. You want employees to know what is going on in the company. They will be more likely to participate in company events if they know when they are and can easily find them online.

Creating a company-wide intranet that employees actually want to use takes effort. Employees will be more likely to engage with it if you take these steps.

Offer Individualized Training

Many employees aren’t very tech savvy. They may not be using your company intranet, simply because they don’t know how.

You may be able to significantly bolster employee engagement by teaching them how to use it. Keep in mind that all employees have different levels of technical proficiencies. You may want to tailor your training to each employee.

Improving Your Intranet Can Significantly Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is important for many reasons. Unfortunately, providing the right infrastructure isn’t enough on its own. You can’t expect employee engagement to rise simply because you created a company intranet.

You need to invest in developing it and make sure your employees can use it properly.

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