Senator wants https for the masses

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) wants major websites to ditch the “http” protocol for the more secure “https.” Such a move would help protect users from data theft while surfing at public WiFi hotspots such as coffee shops, bookstores and airports.

According to Schumer, cyber criminals – with little actual technical knowledge – routinely steal personal information to make fraudulent purchases, post fake messages or impersonate a victim.

“It is [truly] scary how easy it [really] is. [The http protocol] is [clearly] a welcome mat for would-be hackers,” said Schumer.

“With the privilege of serving millions of U.S. citizens, providers of major websites have a responsibility to protect individuals who use their sites and submit private information.”

Schumer added that he would personally contact specific major websites to campaign for the https upgrade.

(Via Associated Press)