The Synergy TG products redefining wireless alarm systems

With the advancement in science and technology, lives have become simpler and safer than ever before. The changes are quite visible when you have a look at the way we deal with the alarm systems around us. A couple of years before, you wouldn’t have imagined that home security will be revolutionized in a way that would give you real-time updates just a tap away. Gone are the days when technology used to be synonymous with a cluster of wires as we’ve developed wireless technology to a nearly unreal extent.

This article brings you the information you need so you know how wireless alarm systems like Evacuator alarms are capable of bringing phenomenal changes to your life. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Unlike traditional wired systems, vulnerabilities are absent

First things first, there is no need for a power cable in order to carry out the operation as these alarm systems are battery powered. This means that even if the main supply gets disconnected in the case of an emergency, your alarm system will not fail to operate. The presence of dedicated cellular connectivity eradicates the requirement of a cable that connects the device to the internet. Therefore, once you shift to a wireless alarm system, you don’t need to worry about the vulnerabilities present in the traditional wired systems. This is more important than it sounds because of the security it provides you with which is simply not possible for a wired system to attain.

Installing a wireless alarm system is remarkably easy

You don’t need to waste hours during the installation of a wireless alarm system and this is what makes these systems way more advanced than the traditional ones. You can get your alarm system installed within a couple of minutes as the installation manual is simple to follow. There is a dedicated customer support team that can be contacted at the time of installation. Apart from this, you can get in touch with the team whenever you face any issue with your system. This way you can eradicate the chances of any trouble that you might have to face during the installation or usage of your alarm system.

The role of a customer service executive is quite ineffective in the case of a traditional wired system because there is a little that you can understand when it comes to these complex systems. Hence, it’s nearly impossible for the customer support individual to help you out over a call and a professional needs to be assigned for issues in a wired system. The use of a wireless system lets you save the trouble of having to go through such situations as you can either fix the problem on-site or can send the device out to get repaired.

Alerts can be sent as soon there’s an issue

You can receive real-time updates on your smartphone and alerts can be sent during the time of an emergency. Apart from this, there are additional features like the ability to silence the alarms as soon as you know it is safe to do so. This can also be done with a single tap on your smartphone screen as there are dedicated applications for these alarm systems. So, it becomes clear that a wireless alarm system does not only make you more secure but also keeps you updated in real-time.

A wireless alarm system forms the true foundation of a smart home

While talking about smart homes, the security is undoubtedly a topmost priority. The features of the Synergy TG products form the base of a modern smart home in the truest manner possible. In the era of high-speed internet and cutting-edge technologies, you can not expect your home alarm system to be outdated and unreliable.

Getting your own wireless alarm system installed is simple and updates your home security to keep you and your family safe. It seems that there isn’t a choice to be made when it comes to deciding between a wired alarm system and a wireless one. The investment in a wireless alarm system makes sense when you have a look at the advanced features that these systems have, and how they can make your life easier and safer, thus making them a strong consideration for your home. You can easily modify and expand your alarm system to match any changes you make in your home as a wireless alarm system is designed to be flexible in nature.


In the light of the above, it can be said that now you have a clear idea of the reasons that make these wireless alarm systems seem like an upgrade worth investing in. There are a number of companies whose alarm systems are available in the market and come with their own unique features. However, your decision of the suitable alarm system solely depends on you.