This Mobile Time Tracking App Helps Automate Your Remote Employees Timesheets for Payroll Reports

For businesses with remote workers at various locations, workforce management is of great importance. That is why the Boomr mobile time tracking app gives you the power to control and monitor staff in real-time across different devices. As an employer, there are many benefits that accrue for you if you are using it to automate employee timesheets, overtime alerts, and payroll reports.

Time is a critical factor to the success of a business, this time employee tracking software adds real-time value by making it possible to achieve the business deliverables within the stipulated time frames.

Boomr is a top-rated employee time tracking software system and mobile time tracking app with GPS that is an effective alternative for employers that are looking to simplify their payroll, timesheets and accounting in a business-friendly and quick way. This time tracking software has done away with the traditional techniques in timesheet management. The result is that a lot of time is saved since many of the previous technicalities in are eliminated giving way to a streamlined process.

Easy Time Tracking for Remote Employees

Boomr gives you the capability to constantly keep track of your employees’ locations and activities using GPS time tracking and employee time cards. The mobile time card app works to prevent time theft, which in the long run saves your businesses a lot of resources. That’s not all, the software generates employee productivity reports so that you know exactly which employee is bringing in how much.

A Perfect Budgetary Tool

The time tracking software ensures that you are on budget all the time. Since the software ensures that you cut down up to 40% on the amount of time theft through timesheet padding, the employees use their time productively. To this end, your employees become the greatest resource contributing to the achievement of the company goals.

Efficient Review of Timesheet Reports

One of the most intricate undertakings in any business is the review of timesheets. But with this software, businesses can now enjoy the review of timesheets reports before preparing payrolls and billings. The software guarantees accurate invoice and payroll reports that can be accessed from one place in real-time. With Boomr time clock software solutions, it is all about productivity with the highest efficiency.

Automated Workforce for Greater Efficiency

The workforce management software lets you send email notifications, location-based reminders, texts and in-app notifications to your employees so that they do not forget to clock in and out, check into the office or work site or a take a break.

Easy Overtime Tracking

If you have been grappling with the issue of unproductive and expensive overtime hours, this is your solution. The software automatically alerts both you and the employees on impending overage. Therefore, you only pay the productive hours spent at the workstation.

Other great and amazing result-oriented benefits that accrue to your business include automated employee shift schedules, progressive project reporting and tracking, pristine audit trail and automated reminders.

Try the mobile time tracking app free for 30-days

Consider Boomr’s mobile time tracking app as your trusted partner in the achievement of your business projections. Its powerful integration with renowned HR, Payroll, and accounting platforms, success is as good as guaranteed. You can learn more about Boomr’s mobile time tracking app for iphone & android users and get a free 30-day trial here today at: