The new PUWER software taking the UK by storm

The government has enforced rules and regulations in order to ensure the safety of individuals in the workplace. These rules need to be followed in order to maintain a safe working environment so that everyone’s life can be kept out of danger. PUWER is a fairly common term in the field of workplace safety and stands for the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

This article lets you know how this PUWER software has revolutionized the traditional methods of ensuring workplace safety. The development of new PUWER software Spiers has brought phenomenal changes to the work environment, thus ensuring the safety of the workers. So let’s have a look at various ways in which this software has truly taken the UK by storm.

It ensures the safe use of machinery

PUWER assessment is done in order to ensure that the machines present at the workplace are safe for operation. Every part of the machinery is to be properly inspected in order to find any vulnerabilities that might turn out to be hazardous during operation. Any defects are spotted immediately so that proper safety measures can be taken before these defects lead to machinery failure. This is important from the point of view of safety and needs to be ensured in order to follow the mandatory regulations of the government.

In the case of heavy machinery industries, PUWER assessment needs to be done extensively due to the high level of risk involved. These heavy machines need to be inspected on a daily basis before they are operated by an individual. Such machines can lead to fatal injuries if these assessments are not carried out regularly.

It lets you do the risk assessment

Proper risk assessment becomes possible with the help of PUWER software so that you can take necessary steps towards reducing this risk. This assessment is performed to identify the possible causes of injury at the workplace by taking into account anything that can lead to an accident. Once you do this risk assessment, you have a clear idea of the areas that are to be considered while taking safety measures.

PUWER outlines the steps taken in order to eliminate these risky conditions so that workplace safety can be ensured. However, there are certain risks that can be not completely eliminated without hindering the operation of machinery. In such cases, proper measures are to be taken in order to reduce the chances of risk if not eliminate them entirely.

Proper training for machine usage is insured

The use of PUWER software is not limited to the above two points. It also ensures that proper training is provided to required individuals at the workplace so that every piece of equipment and machinery can be used in a safe and appropriate manner. There are various machines that need to be adapted before ensuring safe usage by the individuals at the workplace. The knowledge regarding these adaptations is provided with the help of PUWER software so that workplace safety can be ensured.

Protective measures during an emergency are made clear

Yet another benefit of this new PUWER software is that it not only lets you know what needs to be done to avoid the workplace hazards but also lets you know what needs to be done if any hazard does occur. This means that workers are taught about the protective measures along with the steps that need to be followed whenever there is any failure in the machinery present in the workplace. By following these predefined set of instructions, fatal injuries can be prevented as the workers have a clear idea of the life-saving steps to be taken during an accident.


In the light of the above discussion, it becomes clear that a PUWER assessment is something that can’t be ignored when it comes to ensuring the workplace safety. This is to be kept in mind when considering that there is a wide range of industry groups covered by PUWER. So, you should be aware of the way it affects your own work in order to minimize the risk of fatal injuries that can cause a significant amount of damage.

There are a number of companies that aim to provide PUWER assessments depending on the requirement you have. Do some research and figure out who you need to trust in order to carry out this assessment. Always check user reviews before you put your money in the hand of a company that promises the best services. It’s not that difficult to find out genuine people who can carry out the job for you in a professional manner.