Making Your New Home Safe In Five Simple Steps

Security is one of the foremost concerns for anyone who has bought a new house in a new neighborhood. Residential properties are the easiest targets for burglars and when you are new to a place, it is easy to be concerned and worried. Fret not, as there are some easy steps that you can take to secure your home from thefts and burglaries. Let the following five tips come to your aid in safeguarding your homes.

1. Safeguarding the doors

It might seem like that thefts are going to occur through the backdoor but the truth is that a high percentage of the burglaries take place through the front door. Nevertheless, check all the doors in the house to make sure the hinges are secured and the wood is not hollow from the inside. Many doors nowadays have mail slots or dog doors. This is an easy way in for the burglars as they reach through it to unlock the door. Do not sacrifice the security for getting a pretty view. According to Serrurier Secours in Lausanne, you must install deadbolts and peepholes in the door to make it safe.

2. Protecting the windows

The latches which the manufacturers place on the windows are not always effective. In fact, they are simply flimsy at most times. Replace the latches with key-operated levers or locks to ramp up your safety. Insert tempered or laminated glass for getting a stronghold. It is said that the most important window to secure is the first-story window as statistics show that more than twenty-three percent of burglaries occur through there.

3. Motion sensor floodlights

It helps if you have a good exterior lighting in your home. Get lights that work on timer or motion sensor floodlights. In case of any suspicious activity that goes on outside, the lights will immediately kick in and alert you. There are motion lights available at really low cost in the market. As said by Serrurier Secours in Lausanne, it is best to get them installed in your new home as soon as possible.

4. Buy a security system

Your home needs to have a security system in place. It can be anything from a completely monitored smart system or a DIY installation. Assess your needs and the conditions of the area before selecting a system that you are okay with. The basics include smoke detectors, alarms, motion sensing doors and windows. However, in case you have placed a security system, do not put a sticker mentioning the name of the security system near the door. You can put a generic sign that says your home is protected.

5. Eradicate the hiding places

People love getting shrubs and bushes around the house to make the surroundings look appealing. What they do not realize is that these places are the perfect hiding spots for the burglars. Go for small flowers or bushes as that way you can make the space beautiful and also safe from burglars.

Safeguarding your home is not something that you need to lose sleep over. Just following these simple ways will do the job for you.