Quick and Safe Email Data Transfer

Nowadays, corporate email is an integral part of business culture and communication in any company. Apart from being a modern communication tool, email serves as a means of advertising, intra-corporate interaction, and promotion of the company’s goods or services. No surprise that it is extremely important to ensure its uninterrupted operation. Our email accounts store gigabytes of information – contacts, business/ personal correspondence, and other important data. Thinking of any data being lost or damaged causes immediate panic.

To avoid any situations of this kind, one should consider making backups of email data or importing them to a safe server for storage. A good solution can be transferring important emails and contacts to your Microsoft Outlook account with the help of Live Mail to Outlook Transfer tool. Click the link https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/live-mail-to-outlook-transfer/ to know more about the service.

What Live Mail to Outlook Transfer Can Help You with

No matter why you need your email data to be converted and imported, Live Mail to Outlook Transfer can do it for you. The utility can process any amounts of information and doesn’t require any special knowledge from its user. An intuitive interface makes it possible for anyone to use it functions at maximum.

The program works with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook and doesn’t require a paid subscription. Instead of purchasing its yearly package of services, you only pay for what you actually use. The cost is calculated based on the amount of information Live Mail to Outlook Transfer converts; rate is $4.96 per 1 gigabyte.

Use Live Mail to Outlook Transfer for

  • Automatic reception of the Live Mail files and storage on your hard drive;
  • Immediate transfer of EML files to your Outlook profile;
  • Email encoding conversion;
  • Possibility to locally store any number of items of any size.

The utility is compact, with no extra files to be additionally downloaded. One can use Live Mail to Outlook Transfer immediately after installation of the software. The program is compliant with any OS and runs smoothly on any machine.

How Can You Benefit from Using Live Mail to Outlook Transfer?

If you’ve tried to import your email data from one system to another, then you know that it is a time-consuming, frustrating, and almost painful experience! However, you have a chance to forget about all the risks and inconveniences with Live Mail to Outlook Transfer!

  • User-friendly interface and fast conversion engine will save your time;
  • Flexible pricing policy will save your money;
  • App accuracy and reliability will give you peace of mind;
  • Extended functionality will enable you to perform any operations with the data;
  • Strong guarantees and speedy customer support make your experience smooth.

Make your email data migration convenient, fast, and hassle-free.