How Chewing Gum and Cumin May End Obesity

Chewing gum while walking can lead to weight loss, according to a report released by Japanese researchers. Researchers took a sample size of 46 people, ages 21 to 69, and found that the individuals experienced a higher-than-natural heart rate when they chewed gum and walked.

Men over 40 experienced a pronounced physical difference, according to researchers.

The study follows previous research that found chewing gum when at rest has the ability to boost energy expenditures and increase heart rate. The findings may help people lose weight faster when chewing gum is combined with a healthy diet, leading fat loss powder and adequate exercise.

As part of the study, teams performed two, 15-minute walking trials, with one group chewing gum during the trial and another ingesting a powder that contained all of the same ingredients as the gum. Researchers found that among all participants, there was a notably higher heart rate for those that chewed gum and walked.

Men over the age of 40 were also able to walk for a longer distance, expend more energy and increase the number of steps they took when chewing gum. Researchers have yet to explain the link, but they speculate that the heart beats along with a repetitive movement, such as chewing gum.

In another study, researchers found that adding cumin to your diet can also help increase weight loss efforts. The study aimed to find the effect that cumin powder has on lipid profiles and body composition of obese and overweight women.

The study included 88 women that were overweight and split into three groups. One group was given yogurt with two of their meals daily and the other was given yogurt with three grams of cumin. The study took place over a three-month period.

Cumin was found to decrease cholesterol levels in all of the women, and noted decreases in waist circumference, fat percentage and fat mass were also noticed. BMI levels dropped significantly.

The cumin group lost 14.64% of their body fat over the three-month period. Researchers claim that the link between cumin and weight loss is that spicy foods leads to people eating less. Lower caloric intake leads to fat loss. Spicy foods, such as red chilies, are filled with capsaicin, which is known to raise a person’s metabolism.

Researchers also claim that adding cinnamon water into your diet can help burn body fat faster. Cinnamon is linked to lower insulin levels and as reduction in blood sugar, too.

Changing Your Habits for Faster Results

Small, incremental changes are what lead to long-term results. Chewing gum and adding cumin to your diet aren’t going to provide you with quick results. These methods can help, but for a truly healthy lifestyle and diet, you need to make additional changes.

True results are the end result of small, cumulative changes.

A few of the small changes that you’ll want to make are:

  1. Start an account on or another food or activity tracker. Tracking what you eat and your activity will provide you with a baseline of why you’re not seeing the results you desire.
  2. Drink lots of water with lemon. Experts recommend drinking water with lemon, and lots of it. You’ll want to drink three liters of water with lemon daily. Why? Lemon works to detoxify the liver and metabolize fat. You’ll burn an additional 100 calories a day following this tip.
  3. Cut out bad foods slowly. If you go cold turkey on all of your favorite foods, you’ll stick to your diet for less than a month. You want to slowly, incrementally cut out bad-for-you foods. Start today by ridding yourself of that one bad habit you have. Maybe you have a chocolate cupcake daily, change this one habit this week for a salad. And don’t buy diet foods – they’re often expensive and have little-to-no taste.
  4. Stock up on almonds or other nuts. Almonds are filled with good fats, and these nuts have the quick ability to satiate a person. You’ll be fuller faster, eating less in the process by eating just 22 almonds as a snack.

Of course, if you’re ready for a big change, start cutting out your bad foods for foods that are rich in protein, fats and some carbs. Over time, tweak your diet in an effort to reach your goal weight.