Top 5 Cryptocurrency Mining Stocks

Blockchain technology has brought a significant change in the way companies make transactions and will continue to make a difference in the economic cycle across the globe. Cryptocurrency is a hot commodity today. Every individual is looking for investment in mining stock, as the growth rate of this commodity is unparalleled.

Cryptocurrency market has seen a slight reduction in its growth rate in this year. However, buyer must remember that the blockchain based cryptocurrency market is comparatively new and will look at some ups and downs in its early growth days. Few people believe that this growth of cryptocurrencies is short and the market will fall at any given time however as per many other financial experts the market will continue to grow in the upcoming term and is expected to reach as much as 2.9 billion dollars by the year 2023.

With so much growth continuing to happen in the cryptocurrency market it is sure that the mining stocks will also continue to grow. Mining is an integral part of the cryptocurrency process of transactions. Many shares are worth investing in however the number of such mining stocks is continuing to increase.

Some recommendations-

· With so many changes and additions continuing to happen in the cryptocurrency market, investors must keep a tab of the latest available information. Multiple online websites are available that can help you get the required information.

· Do not blindly follow the recommendations given at some of the websites as few of them would be partial to one of the cryptocurrencies. Do proper research and continue to stay updated to get the best result from your Investments.

· If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, it is essential that you get a good understanding of how the blockchain technology work so that you know the risk and the chances of making a profit.

For any investor finding the right mining, the stock could be a challenging task. Below we have listed down 5 of the top mining stocks that you can consider buying-

● 360 Blockchain

The 360 blockchain company is one of most famous mining stock at present The company does not in itself perform mining however its subsidiaries do. The cloud-based cryptocurrency mining firm has multiple high-speed microprocessors that are sure to make a profit.

● DMG blockchain

It is one of the most popular global level firms that manages blockchain mining. The company operate and build end to end solutions for cryptocurrency mining. DMG blockchain provides its services in the form of mining as a service and blockchain based platform for a supply chain.

● Hashchain Technology

Another famous name in the cryptocurrency mining field is hashchain Technology. The company is currently operating through too small and energy efficient centers within North America, but they are sure to make it big through their immense dedication and planned approach to grow steadily and profitably.

● HIVE blockchain

The strategic partnership between HIVE blockchain and Genesis Mining is what makes this in the top 5 cryptocurrencies mining stocks. The company owns a GPU based facility to mine cryptocurrency in Iceland where it produces ethereum. The company also has a mining facility in Sweden where it plans to mine both Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash.

● Neptune Dash

The creator of dash master nodes, Neptune dash, is an excellent choice to set up cryptocurrency mining. According to the company they created dash to overcome the various challenges that come with the scaling limits of Bitcoin. The dash masternode offer for series of options including peer to peer as well as private transactions. The stock is expected to do well because of its versatility of features and Secure transactions

The above miners are all listed equities, and if you are looking to buy them, you will have purchase via the Toronto stock exchange or in the Over the Counter market. If you want to purchase mining stocks such as HYDROMINER, TERRAMINER MINING, ICE ROCK MINING, MINERONE and GENESIS MINING, then you must download this FREE cryptocurrency app and start mining today!