Put Your Foot Down With Toronto Roach Removal

Pests like rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, pavement or carpenter ants, wasps, hornets and bees, millipedes, centipedes, spiders, and fruit flies can be the cause of a lot of anxiety and health worries for homeowners in the Toronto area. Out of all of these, cockroaches are definitely one of the top pests that make people’s skin crawl. Here are some reasons to motivate you to put your foot down and consider contacting a Toronto roach removal expert if you have a roach problem in your home.

Any number of pests common in the Greater Toronto can jeopardize your health or damage your home. Bed bugs, while not disease vectors, can lead to anxiety and depression, not to mention sleepless nights. Wasps, on the other hand, are both a nuisance and potentially fatal for anyone with an allergy to their stings. If you have small children or pets, they can easily startle an entire hive located on the ground. If you notice a wasp nest in your backyard, Power Pest Control wasp removal services can safely remove it. It’s not a process you want to attempt on your own, as a mistake could be disastrous.

Cockroaches Can Trigger Allergies and Increase Asthma Symptoms

Cockroaches can leave behind feces, body parts, and saliva that are known to cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma symptoms and, unfortunately, it is a fact that 63% of all homes have cockroach allergens in them. The symptoms of cockroach allergies include, sinus infections, ear infection, skin rash, coughing, wheezing, and nasal congestion, and they can become chronic conditions if cockroaches are not dealt with.

Cockroaches Can Carry Salmonella

Cockroaches can carry and spread 33 different bacterial strains and one of these is the very dangerous bacteria, salmonella. In fact, salmonella can survive in a cockroach’s feces for several years. Cockroaches are frequently the cause of salmonella food poisoning in restaurants that don’t have rigorous pest control.

Cockroaches Can Sensitize You To Their Germs

As cockroaches spend more time in your home, they sensitize you to the particular kinds of health problems they cause. This means that you not only succumb to the health problems they can cause, but that over time the degree of your reaction can become worst, and you can become highly sensitive to their presence.

Cockroach Exterminators In Toronto

In Toronto, a reputable pest control company like Power Pest Control will offer a free no-obligation quote over the phone, rather than keep you guessing. Another thing to look for in an exterminator is insecticide safety. The chemicals used by Power Pest Control are safe for children, pets, the elderly, and pregnant women. The most trustworthy pest control companies employ technicians who are licensed with the Ministry of Environment and will provide an Ontario extermination card upon request. Last, but not least, the best pest control companies stand by their service and offer a warranty which includes no-charge follow ups for up to a year.

If you are having trouble with a cockroach infestation, you might want to consider seeking out a Toronto roach removal specialist. They can help get rid of nasty pests so that your home remains healthy, clean, and happy.