Is Facebook the tenth most hated company in the U.S.?

Did you know that Facebook recently weighed in at number 10 of the most hated organizations in the United States?

Well, it’s true, at least according to a report published by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

As expected, most of the hated companies include large banks, airlines, as well as power, water and telecom corporations. 

According to ACSI official David Van Amburg “these are not terribly competitive industries, as the switching barriers for most of them are quite high. In other industries, like the food or clothing sector, the competition is huge. They bend over backwards to make customers happy, because they have to.”


Regardless of such factors, many corporations were blamed for not providing accurate services, increasing prices, as well as downsizing staff.


However, Facebook was ranked at number 10 due to complaint and scandals on privacy issues, frequent interface changes without warning, as well as accidental account and/or content removal.

Indeed, many people were extremely displeased with the company’s nasty habit of shutting down apps without warning users beforehand.


While these ratings are mostly from 2010 (at least in Facebook’s case), and with no information regarding the first half of this year, Facebook’s rank could conceivably go down further when all the 2011 ratings are released.

ACSI compiles the ratings using various specific questionnaires stretched all social classes in order to create a more detailed customer satisfaction score. Wikipedia was given 77/100, while Facebook got a meager 64/100.


Of course, we really have to wonder if Mark Zuckerberg, who is now worth a cool $18 billion, really gives a damn about the ACSI rating.

Probably not.


[Via BusinessInsider & ZDNet]