Billionaire leaves behind $99,864,731.94 ATM slip

Dallas Coyle of the band God Forbid once joked that when the members of Metallica go to the ATM, the infinity sign flashes on the screen back at them.

Well for one guy in the Hamptons, his ATM slip didn’t have the infinity sign, but he sure has plenty more in the bank than most of us put together.


That’s right – an ATM slip for $99,864,731.94 was found in the uber-rich Hamptons, and there’s been a bit of a guessing game who took out the money and left that slip behind, with some believing it could be hedge fund manager David Tepper, or investor John Paulson.

This also brought up speculation who would leave this kind of money in a bank, where interest rates are so low?


This sure wasn’t speculation from me, because after buying a few homes, retiring my mom, getting a reliable car, buying the movie posters and guitars on my wish list, and doing some traveling, I would have no idea what to do with this much money.


Considering that a lot of rich people don’t got to ATMs, or have a lot of money on them, it’s funny to think of someone this wealthy rushing to a machine where you can only take out a small handful of money at a time. 

You also wouldn’t want a drug addict standing behind you, watching what code you’re pushing, and taking out a little extra to feed their habit, or someone holding you up at the ATM window, and forcing you to take out money in a robbery. I mean, imagine a mugger seeing that slip after he held you up for the $300 or so you’re allowed to take out a day…


Also just imagine going to the ATM yourself and seeing that slip laying there, I’ve certainly been envious of lesser amounts I’ve seen in the little trash slot.

Of course when you have big money, there’s all kinds of safety concerns you have to take so you don’t get ripped off, have Page Six writing about your ATM slips behind, or have somebody fuming when they discover your $99 million dollar balance slip at the money window. Still, these have all got to be great problems to have.