How to Resolve Netflix Proxy Error

For a very long time, people who were not residents of the United States of America used whatever proxies they deemed fit to stream their favorite Netflix shows and movies. As of 2016, though, Netflix decided to up its game and started displaying a daunting message, accusing users of using a proxy and asking them to turn it off to continue viewing their content.

If you were actually using a VPN, you realized that you can no longer use that same VPN for viewing Netflix.

If you were not using a VPN then you must be confused and frustrated at Netflix’s message.

In this case there a few things you can to try and solve the issue:

  • Restart your wireless router device and try again
  • Clearing your cache, browsing data and cookies
  • Use Google OpenDNS
  • Getting in touch with your ISP and having your IP address fixed
  • Getting a new IP address altogether

In case you were actually using a VPN to stream, chances are that Netflix’s technical department has added your favorite VPN to the list of IP addresses that they have filtered out after carefully poking around here and there. But you must not fret, since there are still some VPN services available which can be used to run Netflix on your device. Here is the latest list we have, but always check before paying for any services, conditions are changing constantly.

Express VPN

Easily your best option of a working VPN as of mid-2017 is Express VPN. It is one of those VPN servers that let you change your region to America to use Netflix abroad. You can use Express VPN on a number of devices which include a PC, Mac, iPhones, iPads and Android phones. Express VPN as a proxy is available in almost 80 cities all over the world and, unlike most other VPN servers out there, Express VPN does not save your browsing history so you can work with the utmost privacy.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN has a number of servers that can be used to stream on Netflix but not all of them work, since it is no Express VPN. That being said, you can contact their support staff or look up online for the servers that actually do work so you can use them without any hassle.

Liquid VPN

Just like Nord VPN, to use Liquid VPN you will have to get in touch with their support staff or a few online forums to check what servers can still be used to run Netflix. The plus point of Liquid VPN is that it offers excellent streaming speeds.

Vypr VPN

With Vypr VPN, you can easily use Netflix but, again, you need to know what servers can be used for this purpose. Other than that, you need to remember that this VPN can only run Netflix in a browser and not the mobile app.


You also have the option of using a service like Overplay SmartDNS to unblock Netflix and many other channels for a small monthly or yearly fee.