How to keep employees motivated and reduce employee turnover rate?

Human resource is the most valuable asset of an organization as they are the ones who provide services to the clients and play a significant role in keeping them satisfied. But it is also true that employees are also most neglected in this network. One of the reasons behind high employee turnover rate is dissatisfaction and inability to express them which ultimately affects the productivity and leads to resigning from the job. Secondly, employees feel that they work more and are paid in pennies which lead to dissatisfaction and they are always look out for better opportunities.

Over burdening the employees or not listening to their grievances make them feel frustrated. Constant frustration, peer pressure and competitiveness lead to hostility that ultimately lets them to resign without giving a second thought. So what can be done to retain the human force as it is said with every employee leaving the organization goes the secrets and sensitive information as well?

Here we bring some strategies that will help to retain the employees and create a congenial environment:

Personal and professional Life Balance:

One of the reasons why employees do not feel motivated and quit is because they are not able to strike a balance between personal and professional life. Organizations tend to set targets to increase sales and revenues, but they do not realize the pressure given to an employee which leads to late working hours and increase in stress. Whether the employee is newly married or single, everybody needs some personal space to relax and just be. If the employers create an environment where there are fixed working hours, balanced targets and open ended communication leads to balance. This could be adding few more annual holidays or giving flexible time schedule where a person can work from home will help to turn the situation.

Open Communication with Bosses:

Bottled up feelings leads to negativity and decrease in efficiency. At times, an employee is not happy with his immediate senior or feels that he is being exploited there should be a vertical channel where an employee can talk to the bosses. It will not only help the bosses to be aware of the situation and handle it properly but will also help the employee to speak his mind and clear his doubts. Employers can also put up a complain box in the office in which employees can write down the complaints anonymously so that there is no bashing later on. It will help the employers to know the current scenario of the company and they can decisions who should be relieved and who should be retained.

Appreciation and Awards:

Who doesn’t want to be appreciated? When an employee is working zealously for an organization, he expects recognition from the peers and seniors with some kind of reward. Companies can start with a trophy or certificate system that will make the employee feel wanted and valuable. Check out amazing deals at and start award system that will help them to sustain employees. Award and appreciation will also encourage other employees to work hard and reach at the level where they are recognized. Undoubtedly, it will create healthy competition but it will also improve their efficiency

Employee Friendly Policies:

Often companies make policies that are beneficial to the management and in company interest, but it leads to a feeling of hostility amongst the employees. It is essential to consider the welfare of the employees and give them some relaxations, so that do not feel suffocated and burdened. If there will be policies that are employee friendly, it will make them feel motivated and relaxed at the work place. So give them flexible timings or a window where late coming will be exempted and not be penalized.

Regular Feedback and strong HRD:

Lastly, it is important to have regular feedback and a strong Human Resource Department to handle employee grievances and resolve the issues. A secure redressal system is always helpful to retain the employees and keep them motivated to work.