How Influencer Marketing Helped Drip Creationz Skyrocket to Success?

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There are approximately 24 million e-commerce stores globally, making it a tremendously competitive field for online retailers. You need to make your brand stand out from the rest through creativity and high-quality products. But you should also make the most of strategic marketing methods to reach your target customers. 

In the world of digital marketing, it is easy to try different methods in the hope of achieving high sales. But one marketing strategy that provides almost immediate ROI is influencer marketing. This involves collaborating with celebrities so that they talk about your brand’s products on their social media pages, thus influencing their followers to buy from your company.

This strategy creates a demand among followers based on the trust they have on their favorite celebrity. Many companies are already making the most of this marketing technique to reach their target audience. But it is hard to believe that a business would only stick to this approach and become a multi-million-dollar company in three years. That’s Drip Creationz for you. Without any other marketing strategy, this company already has more than 1 million Instagram followers and over 50,000 satisfied customers. 

Focusing on marketing and product quality

Back in 2017, Drip Creationz entered an industry that seems to be dominated by a monopoly, churning out massive volumes of footwear that feature similar designs. Ilene Arellano, Brian Porter, and Frankie Quiroz had to find a way to beat that monopoly and become trendsetters. And so they focused on customizing shoes. Over the years, the founders wanted to imprint their unique artwork on shoes and sell them at a large scale. Although it was a challenging task, they managed to put together a collection of customized shoes, something that most shoe companies couldn’t do. 

In addition to their unique shoe designs, the trio also collaborated with social media influencers on Instagram, such as Sommer Ray, Tana Mongeau, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul. They wanted to ensure that their quality products would reach the target audience within a short period. And there was no better way than influencer marketing to achieve that objective. These social media influencers have millions of followers on Instagram. Drip Creationz wanted to drive these followers into their website and then let their products speak for themselves. 

Collaboration with social media influencers

With so many footwear brands, Drip Creationz set out to create a success story that others would feel inspired by. Footwear was an obsession for Ilene, Brian, and Frankie since childhood. But they wanted to get creative with their approach. Their goal was to create stellar designs that no one has ever seen before. They started by adding embroidered roses on their shoes. 

When they approached social media influencers, they immediately liked the concept. There are hardly any brands that pay attention to such intricate designs. This helped the trio convince the influencers to speak about their brand on their social media pages. It had an immediate impact on the fan-following of Drip Creationz. They reached 700,000 followers from 600,000 in less than one month. Now, they have over 1 million followers on Instagram, thanks to influencer marketing.

Although the founders are very passionate about making customized shoes, they want to expand their business by venturing into trendy clothing and accessories. With popular social media influencers by their side, it is only a matter of time before they set the trend in edgy apparel and accessories as well.|

Written by:
Scott Weathers