How Artificial Intelligence Will Run Your Schedule

The boom of personal assistant artificial intelligence will likely continue according to Microsoft. Company employees can tell an artificial assistant powered by artificial intelligence how many people need to sit down at a meeting and an assistant will return ideas and places where a meeting can take place. Microsoft also believes that artificial intelligence will also change the way people have medical exams and run the way people schedule exam rooms. This could also include surgical situations. Artificial intelligence technology (AI), refers to making machines react and process information, often based on data, like the way people think.

Artificial intelligence Personal Assistance and Receptionists 

Virtual assistance has become mainstream and are featured as a speaker than is combined with software. Understanding voice commands are part of the features that are ingrained in artificial intelligence. Some of these virtual assistances can do dictation, read e-mails, schedule events, and place calls. Some of the most popular virtual assistants include Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. You can trade Google, Amazon, and Apple on iFOREX stock trading.

Microsoft’s Cortana assistant comes in some countries with later versions of Windows. Microsoft is now working to add its meeting-room assistance technology to enterprise software. The common user of Microsoft tools might also come across an AI aide when giving a PowerPoint presentation. Someone presenting to a multi-lingual audience will be able to ask the aide for real-time translations.

Changing the Way Doctors Book Exam Rooms

Artificial intelligence will make medical exam room bookings more efficient. Doctors will be able to check with their electronic aides for keywords based on a patient’s observable symptoms. Apple already uses face recognition to apple users of the iPhone X to log into their phones. Microsoft is currently working on this technology to help log people into windows.

Image Extraction Capabilities

The use of drones and the imagines that they can take will increasingly provide information to business across the globe. Images provided to an insurance company after a storm will provide an AI with information where calculations on losses can be immediately obtained. Microsoft has developed AI to do computer vision, extracting information from images and to help lower costs and improve yields in the farming sector. Images that evaluate products that are currently on the water and in transport is vital to the logistics industry.

Microsoft is Growing this Business in Taiwan

Microsoft launched its AI business in Taiwan and is allowing this community to grow its artificial intelligence business. It’s focusing a lot of its research now on enterprise software. The firm has recruited hundreds of people in a land that is rich in tech hardware development. The goal is to make Taiwan the research and development hub for AI. Microsoft is focusing on different elements of AI, relative to Google, Apple, and Amazon. Their strategy will likely include an AI that can accept voice commands but they appear to be more focused on specific industries compared to the individual consumer.