Can You Sell Used Medical Equipment?

Buying brand new medical equipment can take a toll both on finances and medical practices. Aside from being extremely expensive, the purchase adds to the price of maintenance and the arduous process of learning how to use complicated machinery. The technological advances in health care could easily dodge their main role whenever equipment malfunctions or professionals aren’t able to maneuver it correctly. 

On the other hand, buying and selling used medical equipment can make purchases and necessary repairs faster and more reliable. There’s an increasing demand for non or minimally invasive laser procedures in the treatment of a variety of diseases and cosmetic surgeries. That’s why selling machines to a reputable company will cut costs and make them work as required, as well as leave them looking good as new. 

If you’re thinking of selling your used medical equipment but are unsure of how to proceed or whether you should trust the market, the following is a guide to help answer a few common questions. 

Why should I sell my used equipment?

By selling used medical equipment such as cosmetic or aesthetic lasers, you’ll receive a fair price offer based on condition, brand, demand, and market price. What’s more, your machine doesn’t need to be in perfect condition. It could even be broken or missing pieces, and there still are companies willing to purchase it. That’s because they know new machinery can be complicated and costly, and are willing to exceed your expectations in such a high-standard industry. Broken equipment can be of high value, thanks to unattached pieces that can be used to repair others.  

Which companies will buy my equipment?

Many companies will buy and sell used lasers and handpieces for fair prices, The Laser Warehouse being one of them, and it’s a leading reseller in the industry. Prefer companies that don’t broker equipment, as brokers don’t own their machines and usually aren’t able to provide customers with the best possible deals. Having pre-owned equipment in stock avoids the extra time spent looking for quality products to sell, and saves customers time and money that would otherwise go to broker fees. 

In addition, selling your product to trusted companies will help new customers save up to 70 percent, in comparison to the price of buying new equipment. You’ll also be contributing to daily renewed and comprehensively inspected stocks to meet all customers’ needs. 

How can I be sure my used machine is good to sell?

Your equipment doesn’t need to be in optimal condition to be sold and repaired. Even if it’s broken, a leading reseller offers first-rate maintenance and repair services, which are carried out by expert technicians who have fixed several industry-leading machines during their experience. Rest assured that every machine is meticulously inspected before it’s ready for resale. Before you contact the company of your choice, find out which types and brands of medical lasers or handpieces they repair, as yours might not be suitable for their inventory. 

Technology is what modernizes health care, making more and more conditions treatable and less invasive. Yet unfortunately, high costs will tag along. The price of the equipment itself isn’t what makes certain medical treatments so expensive. Instead, the cost to access cutting-edge technologies does. 

Despite that, the outrageous prices of medical equipment aren’t necessarily related to safety, as a customer could very well experience difficulties with a brand new machine. The only factors capable of assuring the quality of machines and dispelling any potential dangers are proper maintenance, professional training, and service reliability. When choosing the ideal company to buy your equipment, regular checkups, safety assurance, ratings, and extensive track record research should be on your list.