Here Comes Winter: Active Business Services Reviews Energy Efficiency

In 2016, the Huffington Post reported that the Canadian Farmer’s Almanac predicted “an old-fashioned deep freeze” would strike the country in the winter of 2017. The almanac suggested that much of Canada would see a cold, or even very cold, winter this year.

Cue Canadians not being at all shocked by this news. It’s not as if the country is used to balmy winter months. So hearing that winter is going to be cold in 2017 isn’t a shocker. Although British Columbia would be “stormy and mild,” the Huffington Post reported, areas like Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes are supposedly in for a chilly season.

Even if it’s not surprising news, we all still need to do everything they can to prepare for the possibility that winter in Canada in 2017 will be at the very least cold, if not even colder than most Canadians are used to. And the truth is, Canadian businesses should start to prepare now if they want to be ready.

One of the things businesses can do in particular to get ready for winter is strive to be more energy and heat conscious. Gone are the days when people huddled around a fire pit in an effort to keep warm in the winter months — while fireplaces may still be a thing, we also have indoor heat to help keep our businesses from turning into freezers during cold winter months.

But, paying to keep office interiors warm when it’s particularly cold out can be pricey. Smaller businesses especially struggle with the costs of keeping company offices warm and comfortable in the winter — especially if the space in question is not energy efficient.

The good news is that if your company isn’t very energy efficient now, it’s not too late to improve. There are plenty of ways that companies can cut back on energy use in the office, and hopefully save money in the process.

To start, making sure all electronics have sleep modes set up, and remembering to shut down those electronics at night can help tame energy costs. If the electronics aren’t in use, they use less power. And using less power is vital to cutting back on energy costs and becoming more energy efficient.

Active Business Services, a leading Ontario energy management firm, adds that buying products that are already certified as being energy efficient is an excellent step for any business owner to take.

The company also advises companies to switch to LED lighting. This is a relatively inexpensive way to cut down on electricity consumption that will free up more money for the heating bill. Furthermore, business owners can choose to either switch over all their lighting at once, or gradually if that seems like a daunting task. Either way, switching to LED lighting can make a difference to a company’s bottom line.

In addition, Active Business Services suggests letting employees be part of the solution by encouraging them to be mindful of how much energy they consume and inviting them to recommend methods for improving your company’s energy efficiency. Ask them for feedback and encourage open discussion.

Winter might be cold in Canada this year. That’s not really shocking. What might shock you is the sort of money you can save and then allocate for heating your chilly office, just by taking a few steps to make your business more energy efficient before winter ever arrives