Why Businesses Need Contractors

Businesses across all industries make use of contractors for a whole range of reasons. Finding out these reasons can give you an advantage when you market yourself to these businesses. You’ll be much more sought after when you take the time to look at contracting from the client end.

Brookson bring you an insight into why businesses choose to hire contractors and how you can take advantage of that to better market yourself.


The biggest need for specialist contractors is that they provide instant access to their knowledge and skills without needing anything else from the client. This flexibility is a huge draw to businesses that require that specialist skillset within a tight time window. For example, if a business requires an IT contractor to sort out their networking that’s suddenly gone offline, then they need somebody that has the skills to fix the problem quickly so they can get back to business.

Without a contractor, the business would be required to pre-empt these problems by training up a few of their full-time employees to ensure that the problem can’t bring the business to a halt. This requires a large amount of time and money invested into these employees when it’s not guaranteed they’ll stay on or be available on the day of the problem. When a business cannot rely on a plan they have in place they turn to reliable and flexible methods to fix it.

Quality of Work

Regardless of the industry or sector that the business works in, there’s usually work that’s less than desirable that full-time staff just won’t do or get around to. Businesses look for contractors to come in on the short-term to do this work and get it done quickly and efficiently. With the reluctance of employees to take up training in certain areas of the business it can often be quite difficult to get specific work done. Contractors are there for this situation, on hand whenever needed, with the experience to complete the job without complaining.

Reduction in Cost

Contrary to many contractor beliefs, contractors aren’t always the more expensive choice between them and a full-time employee. Businesses must consider the long-term costs along with the yearly salaries of the employees that must be paid. Lifetime costs such as sick and holiday pay, maternity pay, pension contributions, administration, training and many more.

Hiring contractors removes these extra costs that can cost a small business quite a large chunk of their income that can be invested in other areas of their business.


Using contractors to travel around the country on hours you specify is a huge advantage to businesses that require a flexible workforce. With full-time employees, it can be difficult to send a few of them across the country to another office or department to complete a job, especially when many would claim back their travel and food expenses and expect you to foot the bill.

With contractors, this is all paid for by the contractor themselves, and as being part of the job, they’ll be far more flexible when it comes to location. Being used to travelling the country they’d be able to go wherever you want them to be at no extra cost to you.

These are just a few examples of why businesses need contractors and the list is constantly growing. Now’s the time to jump right into this opportunity whether you’re a business in dire need of specialist help or looking to get into contracting yourself.