Frankie Quiroz on How Influencer Marketing Helps Your Business

Do you not feel inclined to buy the product that your favorite athlete endorses? You come across posts from him on social media speaking about why the product is beneficial for everyone. After viewing several posts, you finally decide to try the product without doing thorough research. After all, if your favorite athlete is endorsing it, the product must be nice. This is what influencer marketing can do to your business. It creates trust among your audience because they already look up to the influencer. 

Benefits of influencer marketing

Will you believe if someone told you that a young entrepreneur’s company makes over $5 million annually and he only sticks to social media marketing? It would seem a Herculean task, but Frankie Quiroz has made the impossible possible. In 2017, Frankie Quiroz, along with Brian Porter and Ilene Arellano started an e-commerce fashion company called Drip Creationz. This company now has over 50,000 happy customers and an Instagram follower base of more than 700,000. 

Frankie reveals that the brand’s success was not only due to its quality outfits but also the company’s collaboration with some of the renowned social media influencers like Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau, Sommer Ray, and Logan Paul. He believes that companies should invest in influencer marketing as it helps in tying thousands of followers of the influencers to your brand. In fact, using this marketing idea on social media will expose your brand to millions within a short period. Frankie also shares some more reasons how influencer marketing can help your business.

1. It is not pushy

In influencer marketing, you utilize your influencer’s fan-base. You don’t need to constantly bombard the followers with call-to-action messages. It’s the trust of the influencer that works on his/her followers. Everyone believes that if their role model is recommending or endorsing a product, they don’t need to think twice before buying it. 

2. It boosts SEO

You can request the influencer to share your website’s link on his/her social media page while talking about your brand. You may often come across posts with a “Shop Now” option on social media websites. Upon clicking that icon, the site redirects you to the official website of the company. Frankie collaborated with some of the popular social media influencers to reach millions of followers. The influencers not only wore outfits from Drip Creationz but also shared the site’s product link on their pages.

3. It is credible

Social media influencers spend a lot of time in gaining the trust of their followers. But once they have a significant fan-base, they don’t need to look back. Their followers will increase every passing day. Influencer marketing reaps the benefits of their hard work. Sure, the influencer will want a chunk of the profit you make. But you need to see the positive side here. The influencer provides a credible list of followers who can become your loyal customers if they feel satisfied with your products.
Frankie never holds back from sharing marketing tips that help aspiring entrepreneurs to see their business grow. Influencer marketing offers a ton of benefits, and it’s definitely worth a shot no matter how big or small your brand is.

Written by:
Adam Eaton