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What Are Some of The Challenges of Adopting DevOps?

DevOps has become the standard practice for software development teams that incorporate different methodologies and technologies to create a single product. Although the results of this method are outstanding and result in a satisfied customer base, it can be challenging to adopt it at first. 

Trying to merge different IT solutions presented by people with different experiences can present some technical problems. So, what challenges do businesses face when trying to adopt DevOps? Here are the top 5 issues that usually come up while switching to this system of software development.

Adapting to new technologies

One of the primary challenges that DevOps teams face is using different tools that cannot be integrated to work cohesively. Development might like to use the “legendary” tools that they have been using for a long time, even when they are outdated. 

The same problem can be faced with operations and the solution to this is getting the teams buy-in on using new technological tools. The new tools used should have the capability to service both teams and provide consistency amongst them.

Getting development and operations to cooperate

Above disagreeing on tools, there are numerous other matters development and operations teams might not agree on. The technological systems that should be used for security and different methodologies of developing the product can be subject to debate. The most common solution that pleases both teams is the cloud security for DevOps teams by JupiterOne

The tool is data-driven and analyzes the data scrupulously; thus, the company only addresses real problems instead of wasting time chasing false positives. It is essential to ensure that both teams are on board and understand that they are working towards the same goal. Unnecessary debates can result in the project being dragged for longer than it should take.

Lack of necessary skills

DevOps teams should have all the necessary skills needed to make each project a success. When adopting DevOps, the challenge you might face is getting competent employees that have the skills. Employing a DevOps team that is not familiar with the processes and collaboration involved can be catastrophic. 

Also, technology is constantly improving; therefore, the team you employ should be open and susceptible to change. You can provide some further training but the team should have a DevOps background or education.

Unifying the workflow

The most important factor of running a DevOps team is ensuring collaboration in every process or piece of code added. The development team should not unilaterally make decisions without consulting the operations personnel, and vice versa. 

Things get interesting when you are running a remote DevOps team because all members need to collaborate on each and every step and process. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to get the best collaboration and it is tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Excessively worrying about tools

Although tools play a crucial role in DevOps teams, they are not the cornerstone of the operation or project. The most important section of DevOps is the people more than the technology. It is futile getting the best tools in the business without addressing the primary challenges of collaboration with the team.

In some cases, you might invest a lot of money in tools only to find out that the team does not want to let go of their own. Ensure that the team is on the same page before worrying about the tech. Once you get the team collaboration, it will be easier to select the technological tools as a collective.