Frank Roach, Dentist Discusses How to Use Social Media to Market Your Dental Practice

Most dental offices understand the power of using social media marketing. While many dental practices do use popular platforms to promote their practice, it’s important to use the right strategies for your campaigns. Marketing a dental practice will help you connect to potential patients and network with your existing clients. 

Social Media Marketing for Your Dental Office 

Social media can help your dental office stand out. Read on as Frank Roach, Dentist shares the best strategies to successfully market your practice: 

1. Target Your Key Audience

Do you know where to find most of your patients online? While it’s easy to identify your target demographic in real life, going on social media will help you connect to them digitally. Make sure the patients keep rolling in by using social media to find your target audience.

Most of your patients are likely active on social media. Frank Roach, Dentist shares that using platforms like Instagram and Facebook can help you find a community of people that care about their dental health and are looking for a dental practice like yours. 

2. Optimize Your Profile

When you’re marketing your dental office on social media, it’s important to make sure your profile is optimized. An optimized profile means that followers are able to find you. Your profile should clearly show others who you’re trying to reach, why they should follow you, and what makes you stand out. 

As a dental office, you tend to compel other social media users to follow you. Show that your dental practice stands out from the others and give your followers a reason to visit your dental office. 

3. Use Searchable Keywords

Keywords are another essential part of sharing content on social media. Keywords help interested users find businesses on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

With the right keywords, clients are able to connect with your brand through their online searches. When potential patients search for a dentist in their city, your content will appear at the top of their search results. Shorter keywords like the services and specialties you offer as well as the location will help new clients find you.

Keywords are also helpful in the form of hashtags. Find popular hashtags in your niche that you know your customers are already looking for. In addition to using hashtags in your posts, be sure to include these words in your profile as well. 

4. Become an Industry Leader 

Using social media to grow your account will help you become an industry leader. Sharing content from a place of authority gives other social media users a reason to trust your content. On accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, followers that are looking for trustworthy dental offices will consider your practice as a result. 

When choosing what content to post, consider images or graphics that answer your clients’ frequently asked questions. Likewise, be sure to show off how personable your staff is as your customers take the opportunity to learn more about your business. 

5. Build Relationships 

Social media is all about building relationships. In your efforts to use social media to market your business, make an effort to dentistbuild relationships with your patients. Engagement is key on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By responding to your clients’ comments, likes, and messages, you’ll be able to strengthen the relationships you already have with them.

This consistent engagement will ensure that your clients are repeat customers. Likewise, they will be more likely to recommend your practice to their friends and families. With this increased visibility, you’ll be able to bring in more patients thanks to social media. 

6. Use Strong Visuals 

Strong visuals are another must for using social media to promote your company. Social media is all about sharing strong content like high-quality photos and exciting videos. The best visuals are able to showcase your brand while encouraging interested users to follow you.

Popular dentist’s social media accounts use a range of different visuals including their clients’ beautiful smile makeovers, a behind-the-scenes look at their offices and popular user-generated content from their clients. Curating a mix of existing visuals like this is one of the most effective ways to make sure your followers love your posts.

7. Advertise Sales and Promotions 

In addition to marketing the services you offer on social media, it’s also a good idea to promote your sales online as well. Your followers and other interested users often check Facebook and Instagram for special discounts or promotions. If you have a limited offer on teeth cleanings or consultations, social media is a great place to let your clients know about your latest promotions and other offerings. Make sure your social media accounts help you connect with your followers. Use these strategies to expand your dental practice’s reach both online and in-person.  

Written by Barbara McGee