Latest Google Chrome 86 Update Rolls Out New Safety Features

With the latest version of Google’s Chrome 86 comes an array of security rich features and tools designed to protect mobile and desktop users alike. This popular browser is focused in providing protection from unsafe downloads and better password security among others. Once Google detects any unauthorized activity, users will be warned and be provided with a link to enable password change. Google says these safety features will be available for iOS and Android devices on the next Chrome 86 update.

Screenshot from Techspot

Techspot: The latest version of the browser does a lot to protect users

Screenshot from Techspot

According to Techspot, Chrome 86 is designed to protect users on both desktop and mobile with better password security, protection from dangerous downloads, and more.

The highlight feature is support for the ‘.well-known/change-password’ file. Should Google detect that one of your saved passwords was part of a security breach, you’ll be prompted to change it.

In a report by Bleeping Computer, it said Google is continuing to block mixed content downloads. In Chrome 86, downloads for executables and archives (.exe, .apk, .zip, etc.) will be blocked if a download is initiated over a secure HTTPS connection but completes using an insecure HTTP connection. 

Background Tab Throttling is also a new feature of Chrome 86 which will throttle background tabs to a maximum of 1 percent CPU usage after they’ve been inactive for five minutes or more, and limits wake up to once per minute.

For mobile users, Chrome 86 brings the Safety Check feature from the desktop version to Android and iOS that secures the browser or any saved data.