Email signature – All you need to know on it

On the web you will find thousands of stories regarding how various companies set their templates for email signature or even attempt to do the same. The digital age and the email signature eliminated the way in which you had to sign off on the footnote of a mail. A typed name, a phone number and a link to your Twitter account would definitely look so dull. Just as there are the best ways in which you can write proper mails, there are different ways of ending them in a perfect way.

If you’re wondering what an email signature does for you, here are few basic benefits you should know of:

  • An email signature permits you enough impartiality to communicate
  • An email signature brings professional touch to your emails
  • An email signature which has necessary information works as your short biography
  • An email signature is a promotional tool for a website, business, book or blog

4 Reasons why your email signature doesn’t look good

Did you just create an email signature but you didn’t get any positive result? Have you been wondering about the reasons behind why your email signature doesn’t look the way in which you wanted it to? Here are few reasons to take into account.

#1: You don’t centrally manage your email signature

If you had used an email signature generator like ZippySig, you must be smiling at the thought that you’ve used software for managing your email signatures. In case your email signatures are not managed centrally, it depends on the individual to write down and format the email signature is a good and profitable manner. The logo should be inserted in a proper manner and the contact details should be accurate.

#2: You created the mail signature on your own

All mail signatures have their own editor to design and maintain email signatures. You might be wondering about why the email signatures need to be managed centrally when you can create them on your own. Well, though it’s true that you can create it yourself, are you an email signature specialist? You might have worked in Photoshop but does that make you a certified signature design specialist?

#3: You copy someone else’s email signature and use it after modifying

If you go for this route, you will only expect the damage to your email marketing campaign to get worse. When you make the mistake of copying someone else’s email signature, you even tend to copy the errors and this makes it worse. Make your own but don’t copy someone else’s signature.

#4: You use MS Word to design the signature and then use it via Outlook

This is yet another blunder to avoid. When you don’t have knowledge on this, you may design the signature in Word and copy it on Outlook’s signature editor. You may think everything is fine but when you design it in Word, you limit all designing possibilities.

5 Dos and don’ts of email signature

#1: If you’re in IT, do get an email signature

There are hundreds of conversations where you learn that the entire IT department prefers eliminating all kinds of email signatures from their mails. Little do they know that the email signature is a vital marketing tool and hence it should be used accordingly.

#2: Do add format and style to your mail signature

Your email signature format shouldn’t only comprise of your name and contact details. This is indeed a feasible opportunity to share marketing messages, contact details and your latest blog post or tweets.

#3: Put in as much thought into your email signature as you do to your marketing campaign

Just as what you do with the marketing campaigns, ask yourself who you’re targeting when you create your email signatures. If there are CTAs added to the signature, what kind of action do you want the recipients to take? How are you going to measure the results? Should there be a landing page?

#4: Don’t stop at contact details, promote to other contacts along with the campaign

Mail deliverability rates for email mass marketing is declining. The most effective route to take in order to reach out to the inbox of your recipients is through peer-to-peer mails or the mails which we send daily.

#5: Don’t lose balance between image size and text size in the signature

This is something that the designers should keep in mind. There are many email signatures which don’t have a proper proportion between text and graphics. You have to ensure your email signature looks professional and has the right balance of image and text size.

Therefore, now that you know the importance of email signatures and the dos and don’ts, help yourself design the best ever email signature to fulfill a successful campaign.