Codester – A thriving marketplace for designers and developers

Are you a web developer or a web designer or even a webmaster who own several websites of your own? If answered yes, you should immediately get introduced to Codester which is a thriving marketplace where you will find premium app templates, PHP scripts, plugins, themes and where you can create some amazing apps and websites. You’ve clicked on the right article if you want to know on Codester as the concerns will offer you a review of Codester and provide you with insights on it.

Review of Codester

Codester is a rapidly growing marketplace which was initially introduced by a group of people with an objective to cater to developers, web designers and webmasters. This marketplace is neatly organized and here you can find codes, scripts, themes, app templates, plugins and graphics. Codester targets designers and developers but they are slightly partial towards developers. If you’re familiar with Envato, you will know that the concept is similar to them but the only difference is that they offer a commission of 70% to the sellers which are simply great. Read on to know the details of what Codester has to offer.

Codester – What they have on offer

  • Scripts & Codes: Till date, Codester can boast of 214 scripts and codes under this specific section. This category is further streamlines into Javascript, PHP scripts, Java, Python, Ruby, C#, C&C and VB.NET. Currently, the PHP scripts category has the largest number of products but Codester team is working hard to keep up the balance. Do check out their Scripts and Codes section to know more on them.
  • App templates: Codester has got around 430 mobile app templates which can be used in order to develop mobile apps fast. This is a category which includes app design templates and ready code of different apps, photo sharing app, puzzle game etc. This section is even categorized into iOS, games, applications, Android, UI kits, Unity, Corona, Buildbox, Ionic, Cordova, Construct 2 and many more.
  • Website themes and templates: Codester presently offers 430+ themes among which majority are WordPress, HTMP and PrestaShop themes. Besides this, they also include themes for Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Tumblr, Muse, Ghost and many other platforms. However, few like Muse, Drupal and Ghost have hardly one theme available as of now.
  • Extensions and plugins: Codester has got more than 150 plugins and with these, they are still growing. Codester has got few of the most vital plugins in the market and their extensions and plugins section has got few categories like Joomla, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, X-Cart, OpenCart and many more. This is a section which has enough capacity to grow and there will gradually be more extensions and plugins in the near future.
  • Graphics: Graphics section is the last section. Despite Codester being a developer-inclined marketplace doesn’t disappoint any designer. It has got more than 400 graphic elements in different categories. GameAssets, User Interfaces, Icons, Product Mockups, Logos and Print are few of the categories. Majority of the graphic elements are prints and logos.

Leveraging Codester to sell off your products and services

As mentioned earlier, Codester has got one of the best commission policies as a thriving marketplace as they offer 70% commission to owners and sellers of products. This is undoubtedly a tempting proposition to all those who wish to sell the products online. They don’t have any sort of contracts which keep the seller from selling the product at a lower price to another site.

Therefore, Codester is certainly a marketplace which is worth visiting time and again. It has got lots to offer and it will go a long way.