AI Transcription tool for your Zoom meetings

Zoom meetings are recorded using an AI Transcription tool

It is not a new thing that when you finish a Zoom meeting, you suddenly realize that you are missing some important things in your notes. Well, you are not alone.

In fact, there are millions of people out there who are still having trouble with their meeting notes. But if you are using zoom, you can actually get the zoom transcription so that you can review the things that have been discussed in the particular meetings. The meeting can be recorded so that you don’t need to be bothered by jotting down the notes manually.

The zoom meeting session is no longer a strange thing, especially for businesses who have switched most of their activities to online places. You are expecting to do the work remotely with your partners and clients. Therefore, sharing important information by using these means of communication is the new normal.

Recording the video of your meeting is normal. It is actually an old challenge. But what if there are other challenges added, such as reviewing the highlights, keynotes, and sharing the insights with your team members?

Here is where Zoom transcription services come in to fill the gaps.

These services provide you with accurate and responsible transcription results for your Zoom Meetings or other sessions. With this service, you will be able to review the meetings and pinpoint the important key points easily.

There are a lot of transcription services that you can find on the net. But we are only confident in one service, namely Notiv.

The AI transcription tool

Before going deeper into Notiv as the Audio Transcription Tool option for you, you will want to comprehend the difference between old-fashioned transcription and the new one.

In the old-fashioned strategy, you would upload audio or video, then the output would be the transcript in the form of text. You can review it afterwards. But it has some limitations since you must manually seek the key points and highlights of the meetings by yourself.

Meanwhile, the new method is based on different results. It is not only about attaining the meeting notes and Audio Transcription. It can go beyond the extra miles to figure out which system that works the best for you and your business. It is all about delivering what you and your team really want to achieve.

Finally, the Zoom transcription services do more than just save you time and resources; they also provide you with an incredible opportunity to improve the progress and results of your business.

AI-powered transcription tools have made a huge change in many industries. You will have everything your team needs to have a better meeting all the time.

Notiv, for instance, is an ai-powered audio transcription tool that brings more than just ordinary audio transcription results.

It can integrate with other popular collaboration tools such as Zoom, Google Docs, Office, or others to help you capture the meetings no matter where they are held.

For the integration with the Google product, for instance, you can sync it with the calendar to join and record zoom meeting in the future. As long as you have the Notiv turned on in your device, it will automatically perform the transcription tasks without your intervention.

When meetings are recorded, reviewed, and collaborated on using Notiv, they become more efficient.

You should start by installing Notiv Record.

Because of the instant sync with your Google or Microsoft Office calendar, you may attend and record meetings booked in Notiv, no matter where they are.

Conduct an inquiry, compile the results, and then make them public.

Keep a record of the meeting by searching the transcript, summarizing decisions and actions, and sharing them with other attendees so that you may continue to cooperate after the meeting is over. This is something that Notiv can help you with.

Transcribed by

Because Notiv captures everything (even in real-time! ), you’ll never need to pick up a pen again to analyze what was said during a meeting.

Acts and activities produced by AI

Using Notiv’s AI-driven technology, Speaker ID on a visitor’s smartphone generates actions and duties for them. With Notiv, you’ll never get lost again.

Get Ready for the Meeting

An excellent meeting starts long before the attendees arrive at the venue. Notiv helps you to arrive at a meeting with clear objectives and relevant background information from previous sessions.

The primary objective of the meeting was to

A successful meeting necessitates the active involvement and collaboration of all attendees, so put down the pencil and concentrate on your presentation, allowing Notiv to capture the essential points for you.

A Reenactment of the Event

You may guarantee that everyone is on the same page by addressing meeting outcomes. By searching for them, you may simply identify significant moments in all of your meetings.

More focus, more deliberate actions, and tasks are required.

Capture, transcribe and create intelligent actions and tasks from your favorite meeting platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.

Zoom meetings may be recorded and transcribed using Notiv.

Using Zoom live transcription, you can record meetings, transform them to executive summaries, and assign action items using the AI Notetaker powered by Notiv. You may also utilize the AI Notetaker to communicate important occurrences with coworkers.

Will it save your time?

YES. Indeed. You can get the zoom transcription results as soon as you end the meeting sessions by using the program.

The software will start the moment you start the meeting session. It will capture the meetings, then turn the results of the meetings into the summaries.

It has a sophisticated engine so that it can automatically mark the action items. From then, you can share the important moments with your friends and colleagues, or clients.

As you put the meeting in your calendar with the Zoom invite, Notiv will automatically read this and recognize the schedule. It will automatically join the meetings as you go.

Imagine how much time you could save then.