8 Effective Tips to Improve Your Ranking on Amazon

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest e-commerce platforms available. Online sellers benefit from using this platform since it receives tons of traffic a day. There’s a good chance that people can see the products they want when searched using Amazon. The problem is that other businesses also use the same platform. Competing with them would be extremely difficult. Hence, working on eCommerce SEO would be necessary. It allows businesses to rank higher in Amazon and be more visible. 

Being at the back pages of Amazon would be terrible for business owners. Potential customers already found what they want after browsing the first few pages. Working on eCommerce SEO is the best way to boost online visibility. These tips could be of huge help. 

Improve the product listing

The first step in ranking higher in Amazon is to improve the product listing. It makes the page more popular. To improve the listing, the product description should be complete. They need to contain all the details people want to know before they decide to buy the products. If possible, use a more specific and concrete language. Avoid being fake. Remember that people who buy items online don’t have other means of determining if they get the right product. They will only rely on the descriptions available. 

Choose the right pictures

Images are also important. Invest in having high-quality pictures to use for the product listing. They need to look sharp and appealing. Use quality equipment in taking photos. The biggest mistake is to use stock photos that look like the items sold. The disparity might be too big, and customers will think of it as false advertising. It could adversely affect the company’s reputation. 

Drive traffic from other sources

If amazon’s algorithms realize that the page keeps driving traffic from other sources, it will help in drastically increasing the ranking. It means that many people feel interested in buying the products, but they don’t necessarily use Amazon to search. If unique traffic makes its way into Amazon, the product listing will get a huge bump. 

An excellent way to do it is by increasing social media efforts. Many people use social media for advertising. It’s easy to campaign using this platform, and it also reaches plenty of potential customers. Be creative and advertising using social media and remain engaged. When people see the brand value on social media, they won’t hesitate to buy the products.

Work with social media influencers

Another strategy is to work with social media influencers. These people have a massive following. When they endorse certain products, there’s a good chance that people will buy them. The good thing is that they have targeted followers. Working with them will make it easier to make the company more popular. Their followers might also be the same people the business targets in buying the products. It would be a smart strategy to work with influencers. However, the downside is that they don’t have a stable reputation. If they do something terrible or insensitive, it could drive their followers away. The company might get tied up with them and hurt its brand.

Participate in forums 

Participating in forums and communities would also be a wonderful opportunity to get traffic from outside sources. There are specific topics discussed in these communities. When they’re relevant to the products sold by the company, responding to the thread would be great. There’s a chance that those who participated in the conversation will look at the brand and eventually decide to buy the products. 

Optimize the right keywords 

ECommerce SEO is about the use of the right keywords. Optimizing certain keywords will make it easier to rank higher in Amazon. When people type the keywords, the product listing will appear on the first page if optimized well. It’s somewhat tricky to choose keywords, though. Some of them are short and popular but highly competitive. Other companies also optimize the same keywords, and ranking higher would be challenging. Conversely, longer keywords are easier to optimize, but they’re not popular. Not everyone is patient enough in typing long keywords. The good thing is that there are tools available to examine the right keywords to optimize. Using this tool would be the first step in search engine optimization. 

Entice customers to leave positive reviews 

Reviews are very powerful since most people read reviews before they decide to buy the products. They won’t have other means of determining if the products are of top quality. They can only do so if they can learn more about what other people say about the products. Convincing people to leave positive reviews would be challenging. Even those who liked the products might not have enough time to write positive words about the business. However, there are ways to make it easier for them to leave good reviews. Reminding them via email is a good strategy. The worst thing that could happen is not having any review at all. It means that the products are of terrible quality, that no one wouldn’t even bother to say something about it. The lack of review will turn off other potential customers. They don’t have a means of gauging product quality. 

Get help for eCommerce SEO

Figuring out how to rank higher in search engines isn’t an easy task. Several businesses also target the same keywords and aim to rank higher in Amazon too. They also have different tricks up their sleeves to catch more attention. Hence, it makes sense to work with experts in eCommerce SEO. They understand what it takes to be more visible on Amazon. They can also provide help if the business sells products on other eCommerce platforms. They worked with other brands in the past, and they already know which strategies are useful. Getting their services will help save time and effort. There are experts with a reliable name in the industry. Compare the choices and determine which of them would extend help for the business. It also takes a while before results are visible. It’s crucial to remain patient while waiting for things to change. 

Written by Lara Harper