5 Tips from Utkarsh Raj to Make Your E-Commerce Business Successful

The e-commerce industry continues to follow an upward trajectory, especially with multiple platforms allowing entrepreneurs to start a business with almost next to no capital investment. In the words of serial entrepreneur Utkarsh Raj, the e-commerce industry is thriving because it provides tons of business avenues. From school stationery to e-cigs, you can sell anything that comes to your mind. 

Utkarsh Raj

Most entrepreneurs expect to see a radical change in their revenue structure overnight. Utkarsh believes that while the e-commerce industry offers significant growth, you can only expect to see positive results if you follow the right approach. And he has some tips to streamline your online business to help it run successfully.

1. Don’t rush

Over the last few months, Utkarsh has singlehandedly established more than 30 Shopify stores. According to him, most entrepreneurs tend to rush into launching their websites. They don’t realize that visitors may not appreciate a semi-finished site. Purchasing your website’s domain is one thing, but launching the website just for the sake of getting a few early-bird customers may not work in your favor.

2. Streamline the ordering process

Tons of security checks, captchas, and OTPs may make your customers irritated. Yes, payment security is crucial, but you shouldn’t make it into a process that your customers hate. But some entrepreneurs prefer added security to impress visitors. Utkarsh believes that you can still sway your customers by providing them free shipping and making the checkout process easier. Visitors may not crib about multiple security checks if they don’t have to pay for shipping. This means you not only ensure your customers’ security but also impress them with your ordering process.

3. Incorporate social media marketing

Any e-commerce entrepreneur who doesn’t pay attention to social media marketing may miss out on an excellent opportunity to attract thousands of potential customers. According to Utkarsh, social media is the heartbeat of e-commerce companies. It allows you to interact with your target audience, thus increasing your chances of converting them into permanent customers.

4. Go mobile

Most people shop on the go these days. Utkarsh advises new entrepreneurs to make their e-commerce website mobile-friendly. You may not necessarily spend on developing an app right away. But it is essential to make your website compatible with all types of devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and desktops. This will allow your audience to check your products whenever they want instead of coming back home and using their computer or laptop.

5. Always invest in SEO services

Like social media marketing, SEO is essential for any e-commerce company. It keeps you in the hunch to tackle the cut-throat competition and earn a significant amount of revenue every month. Without SEO, it is almost impossible to survive in the e-commerce industry. Virtually any product that you want to sell has multiple competitors. SEO helps your business stand out from the rest, enabling your audience to visit your website and explore the products.

Although Utkarsh is 19 years old, he has more experience than many entrepreneurs around. Follow his tips to take your online business to the next level.

Written by:
Scott Weathers