How to Support the Professional Growth of Employees

As a business owner, you know how important it is to build a highly-skilled workforce. Increasing your productivity as well as your revenue is possible—if you bring out the best in your employees. After all, their professional success brings genuine benefits to your business.

That being said, you may have to support your workforce by supporting their careers. Here are a few approaches you can apply.

1. Keep profiles of new recruits

Nurturing your employees starts with your organization’s hiring process. The success of your company will rely mostly on quality skills. Key positions should be filled up with people who already possess the right credentials. 

But there are times when you need to hire people for positions that need to be filled up on the double. For this, you can settle for new college graduates or people who are new to your industry. 

But whether you are hiring people for leadership or rank-and-file roles, you want to keep tabs on new employees. List the skills they currently have and see if there’s any need to add more to their repertoire.

Tracking your employees based on their skills should give you enough insight into how you can rationalize an effective employee training program. Use these programs to push your employees beyond their boundaries.

2. Diversify the workload

If there’s one thing you need to learn about running a productive business, it’s that repetitive tasks can stagnate employees who actually have the potential to support your business.

You are not running a literal machine. You have people who can do more than just be cogs or gears. So, when you have someone who actually has a shot for a leadership role within the organization, you can provide them with more complex assignments.

Professional development comes in steps, so it’s important not to keep a rising star chained down to work with manual tasks. The time will come when such talent needs to step up.

3. Sponsor participation in industry events

Events such as workshops, conferences, and seminars can be avenues for skills development. Not only that: they are also great for passing skills and knowledge within your enterprise. So, consider sending a delegation consisting of people who have the potential to lead a team.

It might cost you some resources, but sending participants to important industry events can pay off handsomely in the end. For sure, these can also help you with brand awareness and network-building.

4. Run a mentorship program

If you have shortlisted people who are candidates for promotion or for replacing people who are retiring, you will need to build a mentorship program. This allows you to build up the technical and leadership capacities of your employees.

You only need to execute a mentorship program properly using platforms like the Together Mentoring Software, which allows you to pair employees with the right mentors and track their progress.

Investing in your employees’ professional growth can spell a lot of opportunities for your enterprise, so use the tips above and start building a workforce you can be proud of!