5 Tips for Integrating SMS Marketing Into Your Startup Business

As an entrepreneur, you know marketing your products and services are essential to get them out there. With so many different methods available to reach potential customers, deciding which one will be most effective for your startup business can be challenging. YConsiderto considers SMS (Short Message Service) marketing. This type of marketing involves sending promotional messages via text to prospective customers. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and customer engagement without breaking the bank. Here are five tips for integrating SMS marketing into your startup business. So why wait? Start looking into SMS pricing and read on to learn more!

Tip #1: Get Permission Before Sending Messages 

One of the most critical aspects of successful SMS marketing is getting permission from customers before sending any messages. This ensures that you are not violating any laws or regulations, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Make sure you have a transparent opt-in process that allows customers to easily subscribe and unsubscribe from your list by simply texting a keyword or phrase like “subscribe” or “unsubscribe.” You should also provide an easy way for people to contact you if they have questions or concerns about their subscription status. 

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Tip #2: Create Targeted Messages 

Once you have built up a list of subscribers, it’s essential to create targeted messages that are relevant and engaging. First, determine your target audience and what kind of message would be most appealing to them. Then, tailor each piece of news accordingly by including keywords and phrases likely to resonate with them. For example, if you’re targeting millennials, use “trendy” or “the latest trend” in your messages. This will help attract their attention and make them more likely to respond positively to your message.   

Tip #3: Keep Your Messages Short & Sweet 

When creating messages for SMS marketing campaigns, it’s essential to keep things short and sweet. Text messages can only contain 160 characters, so it’s important not to overcrowd the space with too much information or text-speak jargon (ex: lolz). Keep things brief but informative by providing enough detail about what you’re offering without overwhelming readers with unnecessary words or phrases. If necessary, provide links where readers can go for more information on the product or service you promote in the message.    

Tip #4: Utilize Automation Tools 

It can be difficult—and time-consuming—to manually manage all aspects of an SMS campaign; luckily, automation tools allow businesses like yours to harness the power of technology while still keeping things simple and organized. Utilizing automation tools such as Twilio Flex or SendHub’s Bulk Messaging feature makes managing large lists of contacts more accessible than ever while ensuring accuracy in delivery times and content quality control. Automation tools also make it easier for businesses to track analytics-related metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, etc., allowing companies to gain insight into how well their campaigns perform over time.  

Tip #5: Measure Results & Make Adjustments Accordingly  

Finally, measuring success with SMS campaigns is just as important as setting up an effective campaign strategy in the first place; fortunately, plenty of tools available today allow businesses to measure results from their campaigns quickly and accurately. Google Analytics is a popular choice for tracking website visits resulting from text messages sent out through campaigns; other options include Klaviyo or MailChimp, which provide more detailed data points such as purchase history associated with each contact on a list. Once results have been measured and analyzed accordingly, businesses can make adjustments based on insights gained from these measurements – perhaps increasing/decreasing the frequency of texts sent out depending on what works best for each consumer.  These five tips will help ensure that integrating SMS marketing into your startup business runs smoothly!  


Integrating SMS marketing into your startup business can be both a daunting yet rewarding task – done right, one could see tremendous growth in terms of customer engagement & brand awareness. Follow these five tips can help ensure the effort spent towards this endeavor is well-spent – ultimately helping the business achieve the desired result! Whether utilizing permission-based opt-in lists or automation software such as Twilio Flex & SendHub’s Bulk Messaging feature, properly using these resources can help turn aspiring entrepreneurs’ dreams into reality! Remember, when running SMS campaigns measure results often & adjust accordingly based on insights gained through those measurements – ultimately, this will lead to success! Good luck!

Written by Adam Eaton