5 Best Web Hosting Services In The Business

A web host is a service provider who gives the needed storage space and technologies required for a web page or a website to be viewed on the internet. The web host will help you have a domain of your own. This is a much-needed service if someone wants to publish their content on the internet and want people to access it through the world wide web.

The web hosting companies perform other functions too like providing data center space and connectivity to the clients who share virtual space in the different servers. The web hosting services can be on a large scale or a small scale and it can be either shared or dedicated. There are also different hosting services like

  • Cloud hosting
  • Colocation hosting
  • Clustered hosting
  • Grid, image, file, video, and blog hosting services
  • Home servers etc., to name a few.

There are a number of best web hosting service providers in this segment and the competition is fierce. So, here we have provided the names of the key players in this sector and a brief description and what they do best.


This is a popular web hosting service provider which provides your own space on the world wide web. The web host provides you with a free domain name and unlimited email addresses. The website building tools are quite simple yet sophisticated, reliable and safe. The whole process of website creation is done very efficiently and smoothly. iPage owns WordPress if you wish to have your own blog as well.

Their shared hosting plan is one of the best in the industry and their plans and features are very simple and smooth. iPage does malware and network scanning and there is a dedicated support staff available 24/7 to address issues if you have any. They target the new entrants and the budget conscious.

However, their long-term pricing is a little far-fetched and if your project isn’t long-term, it may not really be an ideal option because they don’t do monthly pricing. The renewal pricing is not that great too

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This is a service provider with a powerful and dedicated web hosting control panel. Hostgator provides web designing and website hosting, reseller hosting, free domain names, unmetered and trustworthy bandwidth, email addresses and a host of other functions.

There is a wide variety of tools and application installers that make web designing a breeze. The one-click installations are efficient. The Drupal hosting is a key feature that allows smooth customization to suit the specific requirements of the clients. And recently they have launched the HostGator Cloud amid great publicity.

They provide you with reasonable support and their security measures are enhanced regularly. The whole web building process is simply smooth and efficient.

On the flipside, they are not fast enough. The speed is dismal, probably because of the unmetered bandwidth and they are infamous for their pricing tricks, hidden fees, and clause. Overall, a decent service provider if you know what you’re getting into with decent ups.

Blue Host

This is counted among the largest web host providers. Comes with dedicated servers that provide the necessary resources to create your website and gives the clients the needed stability and speed to run their web pages.

They provide shared, dedicated and VPS (virtual private server) hosting along with WordPress and Cloud Hosting sites.

This is a web host that gives very good customer support and is featured among the current top service providers. There’s a downside too. Their pricing for different plans have clauses and are not straight. They may look budget-friendly, but there are always the hidden charges which may escape the client’s’ attention.


This is one of those stacked web hosting service providers that give well thought out packages that can fulfill your web hosting requirements. It provides free domain, unlimited monthly data transfers, lots of free storage capacity and email addresses.

Their main benefits are the very good customer support they give and a reliable uptime. However, this is a pricey web host and the storage space on offer is not up-to-the-mark when compared to their competitors.


Counted among the top web hosting services, JustHost provides free domain, a 24/7 technical support, integration with WordPress, an excellent backup facility, money-back guarantee and unlimited emails and web traffic. They offer decent packages overall. They offer instant installations. It is easy to navigate their site.

Their long-term pricing policies are good and short-term pricing tends to get expensive. JustHost offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The general complaint with this web host is that their customer support is not good and the value-for-money is on the lesser side. Some of the packages on offer are expensive and their competitors offer more for less.


The rates and features of the top-rated web hosting companies are similar on fronts with few differences in their technical offerings and pricing. Ultimately, it all comes down to what the customer requires and the budget he/she has set aside. Do your research and choose a service provider that fulfills most of your requirements and gives you a good and reliable presence on the world wide web.