Samsung Joy Series: A Budget TV With Good Specs

Samsung’s got a display prowess that most other brands are finding hard to replicate. But for what its worth, the best-quality Samsung LED TVs are priced way beyond what most people are ready to spend right now. So, for a change, we’re pleased that the Korean brand has switched its focus to a more affordable market.

A lot of brands these days are playing on the price factor to offer affordable big-size LED TVs. This is similar to how Chinese brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus have managed to find space for themselves, by offering similar-specced products at a much lower price point.

With its Joy TV series, Samsung is heading back to where it all started. More than anything else, lots of consumers miss reasonable sound quality in LED TVs. The Joy series gets the so-called front-firing speakers, that according to Samsung will deliver loud and crisp sound. The Joy series will come in different variations starting from 27-inch size up to 40-inch.

Smart TVs You Can Buy

Not only that, Samsung is now giving consumers the chance to experience a true Smart TV for a budget price. These TVs connect with your local WiFi and offer you a host of options such as streaming YouTube videos and playing games on the internet.

We hope the time has come when Smart TVs are no longer considered an aspirational product.

Cricket On Your Screen, All the Time!

Other than the TVs announced (44 to be precise), Samsung is also offering a built-in live score ticker called the Cric-o-mania. With this app, viewers will be able to keep a track on the match score, even when they’re not switched to the channel.

This feature is said to have been designed specifically for the Indian consumers and made by the Samsung’s research team.